From (bought) /e/ to Fairphone OS

I can stand behind the /e/ fundenmentals so I bought a FP4 in the /e/ store. I did some research before what is possible and wat isn’t, but in reality I have troubles with it. Especially when apps are not free and therefore not in the app store (and the alternative play stores are forbidden by google what I understand).

So I thinking for switching to Fairphone OS, I read some on the forum but it is hard if all the comments still actual. So far I understand the support pages it is possible to install Fairphone OS again. Do People have experience with this?

It is possible to install FPOS offline.
Many have done that already.
Many Threads about that topic exist already. You can use the serach function

Do you mean the Aurora Store?
Well, that’s not something Google itself promotes, of course. But you can download and install paid apps with the Aurora Store. It’s a bit more difficult if you want to use apps with a subscription model.
But for “normal” paid apps, it’s no problem at all.

Maybe I don’t understand it completely but I read also other things in several topics. Please keep in mind not for evereyone is adb / bootloader common sense.

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Yes indeed the Aurora store I mean, official forbidden by Google with a risk blocking your account however I read everywhere it did not happened so far. I did create a second account and the hardest thing was to register a device so you can purchase in the webversion of the playstore in the end I added the second account to my FP2.

The hard reality where google are used I would say. I think I have found a way to deal with the issues I have described.

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