Frequency of FP3 updates are decreasing, why?

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during the last few months I notice a big decreasing in software update frequency, since this summer I have received just 1 update, which is faulty (the well known brightness issue). I’m a bit afraid … Are there some problems or some more priority work-in-progress?

This might be related to the planned upgrade to Android 11 next year, perhaps that requires more of the wo*manpower.


Manpower (the lack of) and software are Fairphone’s Achilles heels IMHO. That why I decided to sell my FP3 and go for a Pixel 5 and now Pixel 6 Pro instead.

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Yes, but that is no reason to run away from Fairphone. My FP2 is with LineageOS 18.1 / Android 11 up to date and could get updates every week.


I don’t think the updating is ‘faulty’, i.e. not an error or mistake. I think the target is to release an update every three months but just after the update to A10 there was about one a month.

There are obvious disappointments for those with caller ID issues, an inconvenience for the those wanting to use the adaptive brightness option and concerns for some with the slow roll out of security patches.

I’ve been expecting an update this week :frowning:

It’s only been 2 1/2 months :slight_smile:


LineageOS updates are being built automatically, sometimes without any significant change. Given enough funds and server resources, theoretically they could get built daily or in even shorter succession, that’s not the point.

It still takes the work of dedicated people to prepare updates which include changes and to feed them into the automatic building pipeline, and thanks to their work LineageOS updates tend to include the monthly Android security fixes very timely. And if the automatic update with the fixes works for a device (which usually is the case, but it’s automatic, malfunctions really can happen from time to time), users will get them very timely. That’s a point.


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