Freezing after ~5 seconds of the voice call

It happens from time to time that somebody calls me and after 5 seconds my phone freezes. I have to hold power button for long time and my phone restarts. It happened to me a while ago with the new version 1.8 and many times earlier with 1.6. I use 2 sim cards, it doesn’t matter what sim card is used during that phone call.

This is a weird bug, I’ve never seen before. Maybe you should open a support ticket for one-on-one support with the Fairphone team as I haven’t seen this before :wink:

Hi, any information on this yet? I have the same problem.

To be more specific - I noticed it is happening only if a bluetooth headphones are connected.

These are really uncommon issues. I’d suggest contacting support. (If the problem still exists of course, since I’m 5 months late :smiley: )