Freeze then reboot during games

When i’m playing vidéo games on my phone, sometimes my phone Freeze for 5 seconds then reboot.
It occured with 3 games, 2d or 3d …
Is it a known issue?

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My guess: It’s either related to this topic:

or caused by those games.

Hi there !

I have experimented the same problem when I played the only game i’ve got installed in the phone (Lara Croft Go).
After a bit of play time, the phone freezes then reboot. It also becomes quite hot on the back.
I haven’t tried with another game.
The phone works very well otherwise.

Could it be a security reboot due to the oveheating of the CPU ?

FYI, i’ve reduced the graphic quality and I had no more freezes or reboots when I played the game.

So it’s a solution to avoid this issue but it’s a shame to not be able to use all of the power of the phone :frowning:

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I have had the same issue with both Vainglory and Clash of Clans.

Same Herr. If i play into the dead its gettin very hot in backside and Form time to time its freeze and reboot after few sec. At chess or sodoku never happened.

Hey everyone,

sorry if this has been covered before, but I couldn’t find anything in the known Bugs section.
While playing / trying to play more demanding apps (i.e. racing games - Horizon Chase etc.) the game crashes and can’t be played. Other apps work for around 10 minutes and shut down (along with a significant heating of the CPU).
Is this a problem with the hardware in general - the Fairphone not being powerful enough for these apps - or is this more like a bug / issue?

Thanks for your help!

I have the same issue. But it can’t be beacause the games are too demanding, can it? Like Crossy Road makes my FP2 crash /freeze’n reboot. Even my iPhone 4 managed that…


I have my Fairphone 2 for 3 months now, and I first experienced that problem with Tomb Raider Go. The game runs fine, very decent framerate, but it makes the phone heat a lot. And after ~10 minutes of playing, the phone reboots by itself. And now I have the same issue with Pokemon Go. I play also Pocket Morty, which heats the phone too but maybe it’s less resources consuming because I don’t remember having reboots playing it.

I get that the phone heats a little when playing, my computer does the same, but there it’s a lot, has the Fairphone such a conceptual heating problem that it can’t handle games ? That would be disappointing, and also weird since once again I don’t have framerate problem so it seems the hardware can run those games easy. Am I the only one experimenting this ?

Thank you

Same here,
I play Pokemon Go, and after a few (random number of) minutes, the game freezes and the phone reboots. At first I thought it was overheating, but it seems to be more random: this morning it happened after 1-2 minutes while the phone was still cold, and I just played for about 15 minutes without problem.

I moved your post here to avoid duplicates.

Looking at the comments here so far it seems there is only a problem with a few specific games, most of them seem to have a “Go” in the title. Whatever the “Go” means - I’m sure you’ll tell me - is probably what causes the overheating.

Also you could try this workaround:


I am also experiencing the same problem with reboots when playing Pokémon Go. I play other games on the phone as well (The Hobbit, clash of clans etc) without problem. Only one that has caused multiple reboots is Pokémon. I don’t think it’s an overheating issue because I can sometimes play for a long time without reboot and other times I just start the game and get a reboot straight away.The gps is on at all times with the game, could this be causing the reboots? I read about others having problems with their phones when using gps…

I have loved having my fp2 despite the various small bugs but this is really frustrating. I like playing all sorts of games and it’s no fun if my relatively new phone can’t handle certain games… Hope it’s not a hardware issue :confused:

I guess you are referring to this thread? The issues described there are only relevant if you use Open OS.

I never had a reboot, but with some very cpu-consuming games the phone gets very hot. What I do: Put the phone in the fridge for a few seconds or hold the back against a (dry) cold water bottle. The phone is cold again for a few hours. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip on cooling down the phone. I have experienced it getting hot when playing games but it hasn’t rebooted because of that. And with Pokémon it doesn’t get hot, it just reboots randomly.

And it was this topic:

But the two problems might have nothing to do with each other.

And this is not that big an issue, just quite annoying :sweat:

Late reply, but the “Go” in the title is just a marketing gimmick, it does not imply any specific gameplay or technical choice.
As for the graphic quality, it’s not possible in all games, like Pokemon Go :confused:

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But what some people say is right, with Pokemon it does not seem to be a heating problem, the phone sometime reboots just 2 minutes after launching the game, and the phone is still coldish… So yeah I would be more inclined the accuse the GPS, seeing that other thread and how Pokemon Go use it intensively.

Same here. Basically you can’t play PokemonGo on the Fairphone. The reboots ruin it. I’ve been having reboots issues before (about once or twice a week) but support never replied to me when I told them. With PokemonGo it’s just unacceptable, after a number of minutes it freezes and reboots.

My FP2 often reboots when I turn on 4G. As long as I’m on 3G/2G only, it works fine. Maybe that’s your problem with Pokemon Go as well…

I would say that it’s not because of the gps or even 4g. I play a couple of games and this issue mainly occurs with one of them, namely Walking Dead: No man’s land. As far as I can tell it’s somehow related to quite heavy network use and somewhat demanding grafics, so my bet would be that the cpu overheats.

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In agree, Pokemon Go doesn’t crash for me if the gps isn’t enabled, (though it’s pretty useless to play without gps).

Check out the thread on gps issues there may be a workaround with using microg? I’m still working it out.