FREE BUDs for new buyers, but "old" (first) buyers still had bugs and no BUDS!

Still a mis-business models !
Do I need to sell (or trash) my FP4 to get some BUDS (free ?)
Or any gifts from FairPhone planned !..
Because, my FP4 is a huge buggy (still has to reboot many times if I want to get some photos or vidéos… I lost so lot of INSTANT from the ASTOUNDING BUG…)

But noway, If I want an effort, like so much models now of business buzz !
I need to get one newer ?
I will get all to trash and just buy one new model from another company and give a try a just ready to trash as user models…
The “PRECIOUS” we all love so much actually is more a number to be called than a gift/tool/gadget…


You say ‘old’ first buyers, but that’s not that long ago and I’m sure there has been no upgrade so buying again won’t provide a ‘new’ model.

In that sense either you have a faulty phone under warranty or you have some incompatible apps etc.

have you tried the ‘safe mode’ start or a factory reset.

You could also dismantle to ensure all the contacts are making it.

Then finally use the warranty and contact Fairphone, there’s no way you should have to put up with the perception of a duff phone as is was one of the first.

All the best

Call fairphone and cry at the phone, but not here…
You bought it as there was no free stuff. You accepted it. That’s it


I don’t see the problem with Fairphone running a promotion to increase sales, they are a business after all.
I’d find it much more problematic if they would include the headphones by default.

I didn’t get free stuff with my purchase either, but such is the fate of the early adopter, the reward is you get things early :man_shrugging:


Just add to hirnsushi response. I do understand your point and it can sting a bit, however two points that may be worth considering.

  • This phone centres around fair trade for the supply chain not the consumer and in that case not having ‘free’ to the consumer ‘buds’ is the way to go.

  • If sales take a lull from expectations then a promotion is understandable, also the production cost may have dropped, though I doubt it, and what would hurt more, to see a promotion or a cut in price. A cut in price could also be a promotion but putting the price up again won’t ‘look’ so appealing as dropping the promotion.

There is another quirk to adding a promotion rather than dropping the price, more manufacturing is required and hence more fair trade. Although this goes against the ‘theory’ of sustainability of many people, I do not agree nor support the general planetary resource idea of sustainability and prefer first to get fair trade even if that uses more resources quicker.

  • And regarding the quote I used of yours. I’m not sure that’s a valid point as
    a) I don’t think early adopters of the Fairphone 4 can really claim to be helping a product be a success.
  • This is the four iteration of Fairphone so again the buyers of the FP4 are not early adopters of Fairphone. In fact i did not buy the FP1 or FP2 as I didn’t think they were any good. It was only when a daughter on mine, into fair trade wanted one that I became involved.
  • And lastly if a person ‘helps’ it seems not very genuine if they want a reward. Although as mentioned I feel the pain, if you want ‘buds’ I cans see why some one may respond to your post abruptly, not that helps in your concern, but does highlight as I said ‘helpers that want rewards’ Hmm!

:hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:



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I don’t see the part of my post where I attacked you, please point that out to me.
You on the other hand keep screaming out words and sentences in ALL CAPS.

I understand you are angry you didn’t get free headphones, I would have liked some as well seeing I even bought 2 FP4s at once, but that’s life :man_shrugging:
If you can’t get over that fact please #contactsupport and talk to Fairphone directly, nothing your fellow users here can help you with.


To cool this discussion down I will set it to slow mode…mods if you disagree…


I’m really cool, not heated up :wink:

Gandalf, j’imagine que vous êtes Français, au moins francophone, vu la remarque sur le mot libre …

Ce qui est écrit en anglais est agressif. Si je traduis en français, ça l’est moins même si les points d’exclamation et les majuscules n’aident pas à rendre la discussion calme. Personnellement, j’éviterais ces deux choses pour que cela fasse moins violent.

PS: désolé pour le changement de langue mais je pense plus simple d’expliquer ce genre de choses dans la langue du locuteur.


I think you tell us about two problems.

You seem to have tech problems with your FP4. You have come to the right place for that. Some people here can help you, and it helps if you try to describe your problems in detail. They help you in their free time, they are volunteers. Volunteers are awesome and epic heroes :partying_face:. Please be kind to them.

It also seems like you disagree with markets driven by money: capitalism. That is understandable and I tend to agree. But by buying a phone, you are accepting and even funding that money-driven market. So after doing that, it seems strange (to me) to be disappointed or even surprised that the company in the money-driven market, uses some money-driven sales strategies.

Fairphone is a company in a market driven by money, and does an attempt to make it not only about money, but also about ethics. Mainly ethics in the chain of production.

As far as I know, companies in capitalist countries don’t have to grant previous customers the same benefits as future customers. The previous customer apparently found that the product was worth the price and agreed to it. After that transaction, the company can make up a new price. Sometimes it becomes more expensive (typically limited items, …) and sometimes it becomes cheaper (typically tech, …).

If you disagree with capitalism, there are ways to fight it. But buying something and then angrily claiming something they don’t have to give you, does not seem like a winning strategy to me. Especially not a good strategy if you claim it via a users forum, instead of the company’s sales department.


These two problems interact with each other to a certain extent. They seem to make you disappointed in the product and company ‘FairPhone’. But if you disentangle them, I think you can solve them one at a time.

Good luck!


Welcome to the forum and thanks :slight_smile:

@anon36896499 Fairphone is a really nice company and are just doing their business. If you study sales and administration (as I did) you will see doing such promotions like this is sometimes a necessary resource to maintain things running.

Also sometimes we are just unlucky, but I can say as a FP4 owner since November/2021 I am very happy and is working flawlessly for me. Just do some research and I am sure you will fix your problems.


Your disappointment is noted and no doubt felt by others, so the topic has it’s use. Of course you may delete your posts there’s no need to ask moderators to do that :slight_smile:

By the way I think it is moderators that run the user interaction and admin only do the software updates etc.

Regarding the overall tone, although you targetted the Free Buds for new customers it wasn’t about the BUDs it was about your disapointment with not getting a bonus for being a ‘good’ customer.

So the responses are related to your expectations and diassapointemnts, therein you are asking for something as if you deserve it.

So it now about whether you deserve anything fro being a ‘good’ customer, the answer is yes.

This ongoing response and attention is what you get, not earbuds. And although you did not ask for it, the responses could hardly have been unexpected.

So I think the topic is fine but maybe the title can be ammended to clarity what you wanted by starting this topic, though I’m fine with it as it is.

What goes around comes around, not necessairly in a way I recognise but you have received consideable attention via this fourm so I hope that allevates some of the neglect you felt.



Economics of what. For Fairphone they have a model for their unique persepctive, there is no viable economic model in the long term.

Resource use is dependent upon phyical materials availalable and the to power to transform it. The physical material must bow to the force. The model for exploiting both the material and time resouces are infinite and not subject to models of human economics.

I understand you have a view of economics that clearly doesn’t fit with those you see at Fairphone, but you wanted user (intelligence) on economic models, so it is not about the buds or Fairphone.

i.e. if it was about Fairphones economic model you could have and would have questioned them and kept the users out of it, but now you say you wanted ‘inteligence’ from the community.

So where does that leave it

Intelligence is a fixed object i.e. knowledge aquired maybe it’s my English, maybe you mean you want to see other’s opinions on marketing models which later you could afray Fairphine with or would you like to start your own business and are queying if us users would by into your model.

Well in the first meaning of intelligence, like gathering facts, from what I gather about your attitude I wouldn’t knowing enter into any business with you other than this forum, and even this has it’s limits.

In the second instance, if you want to agure about viable business models I’m not sure you made that clear from the topic nor that this is a great palce to gather further intel.

I do note that you have marked this as solved but then made another provocative post.

If it was sunny I’d be out working the fields, but it’s raining as oft it does in west of the British Isles

If I am correct and this is all about business models I’m out of here, if you are still upset I can continue to engage.

All the best