FREE: brand new FP2 bottom module and battery (UK only)

Hi All

I’ve got a brand new FP2 bottom module and battery which I will send out FREE to anyone who want them (UK only)





OMG you still have a tiscali email address, but it’s ill advised to display an email publicly.

Better off inviting a PM/DM message.

Sending you a PM as I am interested. :slight_smile:

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I allowed myself to remove your email address for protecting your privacy and avoid spams (this is a public forum), you should only send it by private message :wink:


Hi Oliver, I would absolutely love your FP2 bottom module and battery if they’re still available. These are the exact parts I need and am a bit dismayed to see the FP2 bottom module is out of stock, so wondering what I would do.

Please let me know if they’re still available.
Many thanks,

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Hi @Georgie1006 Welcome to the forum, just to say I have already asked for them but am happy for you to have them. I was only storing stuff to set myself up as a Fairphone angel.

So if you get the new module, would you send me the broken one so I can look at issues with it. By the way what is wrong with the bottom module?

Oh that’s great - thanks so much! I’d be happy to send the broken bottom module on to you, sure (PM me your address). It’s the microphone that’s gone - it does intermittently come back very crackly/with white noise background so may be fixable by someone with more knowledge than me. I’ve tried opening up and clearing out any dust etc.


I meant to say, in the last post, for you to look at this topic. There’s this amazing person @Leo_TheCrafter who is making new modules with microphones and a USBC port, just in case you ever need another.

I’ll PM you once you have the new one setup.

Keep in touch. :wave:


I’d like both. My name is Daniel Tygel. I will find some friend who lives in the UK. Or I can pay the post to my address in Germany (Munich)

Hi! Is this still available?

Hi @Sophie1987 Welcome to the forum, I noticed your other, initial post :slight_smile:

I have sent the original poster a private message as I had originally requested these pieces but then thought another more deserving person should receive them.

Good luck in your quest to find an FP2 bottom module.

Hi, I’m not sure if already taken or not, but I’m after a replacement micrphone (bottom module) for FP2 please?

Hi Oliver,

My Fairphone 2 bottom module has finally given up charging. I’d be happy to send the module to you if you can repair it, pay for a replacement, etc. For quite a while now the charging was very intermittent and I’d have to wiggle the chord around to get it to work but it’s just doing nothing now, very sad :frowning:

Best wishes, Laura.

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