FrameWork https://frame.work/

The idea of modular engineering is spreading.
We are note alone (anymore)

Introducing the Framework Laptop.

Upgradeable, repairable, and 100% yours.

The time has come for consumer electronics products that are designed to last, without sacrificing performance, quality, or style.

Shipping summer 2021.


I’ll include a clickable link :wink:

IIRC their homepage didn’t exist yet when there was an article about them at engadget a couple of weeks ago


Looks like the next decent item on my shopping list :hugs:


Darn, I recently already bought a new laptop :-(.

Hi @Jo8ost

We are not going to change the world for the better despite the Fairphone aim, this isn’t a place of the future where things are polarised between good and bad. I imagine you wouldn’t be here if your heart wasn’t in the right place so you have a few of morality.

Consumer ethics are meant to be temporal fun so best enjoy what you have bought. And talking of fun you know first generation devices can be a pain in the arse ~ and I don’t want to be masochistic. :frowning:

Nice to have heard from you.

All the best

Hi there, seems that not only phones can become modular but also laptops: https://frame.work/

Interesting concept for the community here I think…

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I moved your post here.


Have to say it’s really heartwarming to see how much positive attention the new upgradable Framework laptop is getting. Proofing again their is a real market for this.

For example the Linus Tech Tips video generated so much interest it crashed the website. And not just to look at the website, but judging by the Youtube comments to actually buy it.

(yes I know Framework laptop doesn’t have all the same goals as Fairphone)

Hi silentlennie and welcome to the community forum!
I’ve moved your post here so everything about the Framework laptop is in one place.


For those wanting to see this laptop, here’s aYouTube video of it from Linus Tech Tips.

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Would be cool if they also started to fairly source their materials. Then I’d consider it in the long-term. I just bought an old laptop yesterday for 75€.

I’ve just posted the query on the Frame.work forum :slight_smile:


Thanks, I didn’t want to post a link, because it makes my comment look spammy (just created a new account, posts comment with link).

PS I’ve been using my FP3 for years now and a satisfied customer too. :slight_smile:


Hopefully they will make it available in the EU soon. My laptop is over 10 years old and is lagging af. :see_no_evil:

It hasn’t been out for two years yet :grin:

Video of the hardware, disassembly by Louis Rosmann,
New York based Repair Shop Owner, Right to repair Fighter

Mild language warning, but he has calmed down a bit over the years.