"Fracture" in the display


thats the result after trying to use the FP on the bike :wink:

But I can touch/use the device without problems – it’s “maybe” just a optical damage.
However: would it be possible to change the front glass? But how expensive will this be?


Go to enter link description here here you can see that a new display will costs you €71.39 based on Dutch tax. At the moment this display seems to be sold out.
There’s the possibility of a display from the B-stock, see display B-stock.
For more information what’s a B-stock display, I refer to the link.

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Thanks for your links! But 71 Euro for a new display? No and never! :wink:

Good night!

Question! If available, would you have used a lanyard to carry your Fairphone while on your bike?

71 Euros is quite affordable for a smartphone display.

For example: iPhone 5 display costs 130,- Euros, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 240,- Euros.

@Webaschtl Many people do use their smartphones with cracked glass. I wouldn’t recommend it though, especially if there are any edges you can feel under you fingers and there does appear to be an actual chip in the glass as well as a fracture so it could easily get worse over time/use

Replacing the screen would be the best solution in the long term

Did you check the B-stock display link? That screen is only 48 euros, will enable to operate your phone near perfectly and you’ll help reduce unnecessary waste!

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