🇫🇷 🇬🇧 How to upgrade a Fairphone 1?


j’envisage d’acheter un FP1 d’occasion mais j’ai lu qu’il n’était pas compatible avec la 4G (LTE). Est-il possible de changer le module qui va bien pour qu’il devienne compatible ?

Rough translation : I plan to by a second hand FP1 but I read that it is not compatible with LTE band. Is it possible to swap the right module by a LTE-compatible one ?

Notice that it could be a good idea for a “long lasting phone” to be able to adapt to its environment…

Last point : I own an Apple iPhone 1 that works fine (I changed its battery once). I think that it should be a target for a “long lasting phone” to last, at least, about ten years…

The FP1 is not modular, so you can’t swap modules.
The FP2 is LTE ready and modular, but even there upgrading isn’t that simple. The camera module is the only one where an upgrade was announced so far.

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