FPU1 is charging, but percentage rise veeery slow

Hi, yesterday i puted the FPU1 to charge and it was stuck in 24% more than 3 hours (I tried to charge when it switch off/on - same). And later it start to charge from 24% to 42% in 3 hours. Later I switched off the phone to dont leave it charging all night. And now is charging veery slow again, 1% in 1,5 hours. It is not cable problem (my cable is broken since yesterday and i use other one). The indicator of battery charging is working. My battery is not bloated like here Battery charging is not working properly

Is something what can I do? I cant reboot if it is less then 80% battery. There is no battery for replace. Then if it is software problem is it posible to fix it? I guess Fairphone dont acept FP1 to fix if they stop to support it?

I think your battery is probably simply worn out. Here is a possible replacement (without warranty!):

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