FPR for newbie : additional screen

As i’ve been stolen my phone last week I decided to change from Xiaomi…
So, here i’m with my fp
I succeeded to fo everything I wanted except one stuff : I’d like to create an additional home screen to the LEFT of my main screen. I can neither do that, not set a different home screen as the MAIN screen. How?

Hi and welcome to the forum

Hold down on any icon on the home screen and drag it to the right, then you have two screens. Then set the right hand screen to be the Home screen etc/ :slight_smile:

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Hi amoun
I didn’t understand “set the right hand screen to be the Home screen”
I have several screens on thé right and I didn’t succeed to change the home screen…

I guess thats if at all, only possible with a different Launcher like the Nova Launcher


Apologies. yvmuell seems to have noted :blush:

Yes I am using the nova launcher and have just tried stock A11 on my FP3 and I can’t get a page to the left of the [Home] page

Thanks for the tip, it works :slight_smile:


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