FP5 without google?

Maybe for others… Read more info about /e/OS: /e/OS - e Foundation - deGoogled unGoogled smartphone operating systems and online services - your data is your data (which is still Android).


You can buy the phone preinstalled from Murena to avoid this.

When Fairphone provided Fairphone Open OS on the Fairphone 2, you had to install it yourself, only the non-lockable bootloader of the Fairphone 2 back then prevented you from having to do the same things as now. So providing something like Fairphone Open OS now wouldn’t help you in this regard.

Most of them should be uninstallable in the way Android provides for preinstalled Apps … Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk - Setup - /e/OS community

All-time underrated remark regarding custom ROMs on Android phones.
(Keyword AOSP, which all Android OSes, stock as well as custom, are based on)


Or from Iode


So really good options Fairphone is offering with the help of developer of other OSes


Sure there will always be some third party OS which does what you want. In my opinion a privacy friendly OS should be provided and supported by Fairphone directly.
Now that we’ve come such a long way and the hardware is rather fair, let’s make the software fair as well.

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In my opinion its good they concentrate on one OS Version and cooperate instead with e/OS or IodeOS, as numbers show that the majority still use and want the easy Google ecosystem and only 5-10% used FPOOS


I also got my FP5 now, willing to help with Google-free development, no matter what OS, anyone spotted some public effort yet?

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How easy is it to install an “alternative ROM” and how well do they work without the proprietary binary blobs?

For comparison, the Graphene install on Pixel was so easy I don’t even remember how I did it other than going to their web-page and pressing a button.

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It is seriously so frustrating. No phone manufacturer is both willing and able to provide a phone that works with mainline Linux. And it is doubly frustrating that "Fair"phone is not doing that. I hope that changes at some point, but I guess for now I can bury my hopes, and keep using my FP3 until such a device gets released.


Although I agree that a phone running mainline Linux as stock ROM would be great, I’m often wondering where the part “fair” in Fairphone is stretched to… :thinking:


three come immediatly to my mind: PinePhone, Librem5, Volla. So if you really want to, you can get a phone that runs linux without android on top.

Apart from that there are multiple custom roms you can choose from for your fairphone. And Fairphone (the company) works with several custom rom devs, providing them with phone samples and source code to make this easier.

So while Fairphone themselves do not provide a degoogled phone out of the box - which from a business perspective is understandable - they work with the community and other companies - like murena - to provide these options.

Is it perfect? No. Could they do better? Of course. And maybe they should (especially regarding security updates and bug fixes, but these are whole other discussion you can find here on the forums …), Shiftphones comes to mind, who have an exemplary record of working with custom rom devs …

As pointed out often, the “Fair” in Fairphone stands for fair working conditions, like in fair trade. While one could argue that as a customer you wanna be treated fairly (which is always a matter of personal perspective …) this is not what the “Fair” in Fairphone stands for. Which also doesn’t mean that they don’t treat their customers fairly.

For me the perfect phone also doesn’t exist. it’s all about compromises. What is most important for you. I want a phone where I can change batteries and the screen, extend storage, escape the big five, lets me run open source OS, that respects the planet and human rights, and has a big screen and a headphone jack (well …). Fairphone and maybe Shiftphones are the only ones I know of that come close to that.

As for the software, I think we are slowly getting there. In the early days there was only AOSP and the derived lineage. Now there are many choices. Want more privacy, more security, more google, less google? You can find a rom for you. If you speak german look for “kuketz blog custom roms”. This guy has an on-going series where he does in-depth analysis of basically all custom roms you can think of. Although some information is already outdated (e.g. Calyx has addressed all of his criticism), it is a great ressource.

Now with sandboxed google play and sandboxed microg getting traction, I hope and wish some devs made a completely degoogled version of AOSP, using only free services but gives the user the option to install sandboxed gplay or microg. How cool would that be. You could in theory even have multiple profiles, one completely degoogled, one with sandboxed microg, one with sandboxed gplay for everything that doesn’t work without it.

A man can dream …


They have? In which way?

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Nick from CalyxOS said on the matrix channel that shiftphones work the best with them. They even sign CalyxOS with their keys so that you can have verified boot and not get the “your device is running a modified OS” screen.


ok so 1 system :wink: not saying its not good, still Fariphone has quite strong connections to the community developers, maybe in other ways like collaborating to keep the FP2 alive and bring further Android updates to it after QC stopped support.

Overall I still think people expect too much from Fairphone and they cant make all user happy, as some want a pure Linux system (expecting it will be a minority) many (guessing its still the majority) want Google, some dont want Google and still want to do everything as if they had Google… for me a difficult fight which such a small and still new company cant manage all at once and I think it good to concentrate on one step after the other, else we will fast have no Fairphone at all.


Also, ubuntu touch is fully supported for FP4 and Fairphone actively supports ubuntu touch as you can read here:


UBports builds this port in collaboration with the phone maker.
Expect long-lasting support since we have an official agreement with the partner.

Soooo … I think the FP4 has one of the best supports for alternative OSes out there, and Fairphone is actively supporting these efforts. What else can you expect?


IodeOS shall come mid of october

A friend of mine has a Fairphone 4 with CalyxOS and a locked bootloader so verified boot and no “your device is running a modified OS”-screen, so that’s definitely possible, while still might be that Shiftphone makes it easier, I don’t know their phones.

curious. I also run CalyxOS on my FP4 and have relocked the boot loadet yet I do get that specific screen. But I installed it back when Calyx was still experimental and the installation was pretty involved, so that could be the reason.

I have the impression that FairPhone is slowly abandoning the free software community.
Initially, a free version of Fairphone OS was available, but only for the first two models.
The work necessary to bring FP4 to mainline is stagnant, at least so it seems from the outside (FP3 never started, only from the community).
Now with FP5 they have preferred a closed source relationship with long deadlines.
It’s been a long time since FairPhone released the sources of its apps, myfairphone app and fairbuds for example are still “secret”.
I don’t think I’m the only one wondering this question, as the FAQ shows.

What do you think? Honestly, this worries me.
They don’t necessarily have to be a company for nerds, but they could continue to incorporate more people interested in ecology, without abandoning those who want to be free.


I don’t agree with you as there is /e/os Murena.