FP5 without google?

Will there be a google-free version of Android supported on FP5?

Which of the (e.g. camera) features discussed in the launch event are gGoogle-only?

Besides this, what about other OSs like postmarketOS? (Which is somewhat running on the FP4 thanks to @z3ntu.) From this qualcomm sheet about the QCM6490 chip I have no idea how Linux-mainline-friendly the FP5 will be :fearful:


I鈥檇 expect a bit on this when Murena follows with an announcement today as well:


FP5 with /e/ for 769,90鈧


Already opened a merge request to postmarketOS: fairphone-fp5: new device (!4359) 路 Merge requests 路 postmarketOS / pmaports 路 GitLab :slight_smile:


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Really, I hope they pay you well.


It depends on the level of 鈥渨ithout google鈥 you鈥檙e gunning for. There are a lot of AOSP derivatives, but those still are mostly google-centric.

If you really want out of the google ecosystem, you鈥檇 have to use something like Sailfish OS or Ubuntu Touch. Of these, Sailfish OS is probably the most well rounded. Unfortunately, while SFOS support was on the table for a bit in the FP2 days, it has not been mentioned since.

PostmarketOS, while also a non-google OS, is not going anywhere. (and I don鈥檛 expect that to change anytime soon)

I m big on my privacy. In this regard, the OS is more important than the device, as the OS dictates the level of privacy one can obtain.

Unfortunately, the fairphone ships with Adroid, which has big implications for one鈥檚 privacy, even AOSP is not a good choice for maintaining privacy.

I have moved away from the google ecosystem alltogether, and I don鈥檛 plan on coming back.

I used to be a faiphone user. I would like to become one again.For that reason, I鈥檇 like to see a FP5 with SFOS (preferably the 鈥榅鈥 version)

Can Fairphone make it happen this time around?

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It must be noted that SailfishOS and ubports both often use outdated Android vendor blobs via Halium just like any AOSP derivative.
Sailfish even adds more proprietary code in the form of their Android app compatibility layer.

Why not? Serious options like GrapheneOS and my DivestOS sure seem to handle this just fine as far as I know. eg.


I would love for SFOS to step away from Halium, but AFAIK Halium is not a full android implementation. It does not phone home, like AOSP does. Many of the AOSP derivatives don鈥檛 actually do a lot to remove the parts on AOSP that do phone home. At most they will replace services like the app store with their own, but still leave in the defaults for DNS, NTP and other services.

So that鈥檚 why I chose SFOS. It doesn鈥檛 do these things. It is its own ecosystem and not in any way influenced by google, where possible. And have to admit that I do use the compatibility layer for two apps which I can鈥檛 find a good replacement, I use SFOS native for all other things I do with the phone. Bottom line: I don鈥檛 want to be in the google ecosystem in any way, shape or form if possible, but I do need a phone I can use instead of a toy that crashes all the time. SFOS does that for the most part.

What GrapheneOS is doing is certainly interesting, but since those exclusively run on devices with a google TPM on it, so that鈥檚 a no go for fairphone I guess. As for DivestOS, I had not heard of it before. But since lineage does very little to improve privacy, I don鈥檛 think you鈥檙e off to a good start. But that is only after taking a quick glace at the website. They鈥檙e both AOSP at the core, so they鈥檙e not serious contenders for me.

It seems that this chip is Linux-friendly. But I am not geek enough to verify this question or to work on it鈥

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I am not buying another phone that forces me to use Android (or another proprietary OS, for that matter), so I am very curious about the hardware driver situation of the FP5. Is the hardware used Linux-compatible this time around?
My goal is to have a phone where I can install PostmarketOS and all features work.

Android is not proprietary at all. It鈥檚 FOSS. And there are a lot of forks around which focus more on privacy and security and without any proprietary Google stuff. See oslist for previous Fairphones.

Concerning postmarkedOS: see here FP5 without google? - #4 by lucaweiss
and here: Fairphone 5 (fairphone-fp5) - postmarketOS


are you planning to add support of the FP5 to DivestOS?

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Wondering if there is a more or less reliable estimation, how much weeks/months after a new phone release the first official builds of a Custom ROM arrive?

E.g. does anyone know how long it took for the FP4 for example?
As we see, Murena phones already available, so do they directly got the bootloader unlocked etc.?
Or is it as there is a closer relation between Fairphone and Murena / 鈥/e/OS鈥 and they got the phone a bit beforehand so they could start all the needed adaptions? :thinking:

I鈥檓 pretty sure you can find out be reading the FP4 topics馃槈

IodeOS around March 22

LOS was def later

Sure they officially have a cooperation


You are right :smiling_face:

For the FP4 which was release in 2021-09-30:

  • CalyxOS had the first test build at 2022-04-01 - so about half a year in that case
    While the first stable/official support build was around August 2022
  • IodeOS around March 22 (thx for still checking that @yvmuell :wink: )
  • looks like Lineage took until January 2023 until it was official (some test build were flying around in September 2022 I think)
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It was actually around February 2022:


I mean not only iod茅OS is a fork of LineageOS, but also /e/ OS. So the support could have happened even earlier, I think. But there was probably no developer willing to do it? (Just a guess, can鈥檛 remember).

And keep in mind that FP4 was only available from around December '21 due to supply shortages.
Therefore, many developers did not have the opportunity to start working on it until January '22.

The situation today is quite different. First of all, there are almost no more supply bottlenecks. And you can buy FP5鈥檚 with /e/ OS from the very beginning. That should make it much easier for devs.

But they still need a device to do the work. We could maybe crowdsource some FP5鈥檚 for lineageOS/divestOS/etc development?

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With my new Fairphone 5 in my hands it鈥檚 so hard to wait鈥 Hope a googlefree OS will become available real soon!


If you like Murena their website is open for pre-orders of the Fairphone 5 deGoogled and more sustainable than ever! Delivery date depends, see the webpage I just mentioned.


According to their gitlab, e-foundation is already working on a FP5 version with target date set to mid October: 馃摫 Fairphone 5 (FP5) (&69) 路 Epics 路 devices 路 GitLab
If they really make that date, I think they鈥檝e earned themselves a donation.

Nevertheless, I would really appreciate Fairphone providing a google free alternative OS like they did with the FP2 for example.

There is nothing fair about you starting up you new 鈥渇air鈥 phone and instantly being hit with an unavoidable request to accept Google鈥檚 terms and conditions plus a bunch of uninstallable apps which all try to grab your data. Disabling chrome & replacing it with a privacy-friendly browser even broke the phone setup program when it wanted me to chose my search engine.