FP5 startup situation, doesnt want to use perfectly fine wifi? why?

FP5 unboxing, very first steps. select a wifi network. network gets listed. it doesnt have a security type as it is public wifi (so no wpa, no wpa2, no wpa3) FP3, FP4 work perfectly fine with it. were also bootstrapped on the very same network years and years ago. why not FP5 today?

crowded backend at FP themselves or what is amiss there? dont have any other networks available. all I can select is skip. wondering why it doesnt? make use of the data carrier itself? the SIM is inserted. what gives?

p.s. skip advances and steps over this situation. setup finished normally with data carrier. wifi (the only one here) is working after this step normally, it receives its internet access via wifi then. what the heck? ipv4 and ipv6 dual stack. cant make sense of it why this wifi didnt suffice during initial bootstrapping of the FP5?

Does it happen again if you factory reset and do the initial setup again?
If yes … support case.
If not … technical glitch.

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wondering if it never was actually possible to really install an android device in a non-secured wpa-less wifi to begin with? initially after the skip step, the FP5 didnt have any google accounts at all, as there never was a transfer data or migrate from another android device step to begin with (apparently called merely “start” as a term by google).

maybe I will just factory reset this dang FP5 and start from scratch. what the heck so many bugs and such obvious troublesome situations. i do wonder if developers and manufacturers actually test their stuff? its nowhere stated that one needs some sort of encrypted wifi to make stuff work?


moved both phones over to a place with WPA2/WPA3 and it managed to “setup my device” in the google app there, detected lots of stuff to migrate, managed in the end only to copy over the google account and the migration assistant on the new phone showed a screen where it printed… calulating size or time til the end of migration but there was a “next” area on that screen which i eventually tapped (it didnt show/calculate real values within reasonable amount of time), which lead this FP5 now into kind of barely setup state with the google acc being there but everything else unpopulated, no SMS, no call log no contacts no pictures no nothing else. this worked much better coming from FP3 to FP4. will just try factory reset FP5 again and immediately start in the WPAx network and see how it goes the second time. if this keeps being this degraded and retarded then this FP5 adventure is a huge fail and PITA.

p.s. maybe i am the fool here, the copying your data screen now prints out an ETA and the lower area only shows stop copying… possibly my bad… but i was never again after this step (cancellation) able to re-start the setup-my-device steps again thereafter… i had thought you could always re-start this process or attempt again. well… :confused: seems transferring now.

Internet consensus is to factory reset to start the initial setup wizard again.

It seems there was a backdoor to this in the past, but it also seems this got shut in the meantime …


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