FP5 running /e/ issues

I’ve installed /e/ on my FairPhone 5 two weeks ago. But right now I am a bit disappointed. The current list of issues is kind of annoying…

  • No tap-to-wake. When the FP5 is off tapping the screen doesn’t wake it up. I have to use the unlock button just to see the time. And I have to remember to use a finger which is not registered for the fingerprint to get to the lockscreen, which shows a big enough clock.
  • No lift-to-wake. Same as with not tap to wake. Lifting the FP5 doesn’t wake it up
  • Almost daily crashes of the UI. Almost every day the user interface crashes. Resulting in the murrena logo appearing and requiring to log in via pincode
  • The provided screen saver is kind of useless since on all four corners I have a huge area with air underneath
  • No OS updates. This is possibly the worst thing. The current security level is from sometime around December 2023. Which is kind of old.
  • [Update] The usb-charger is often not working. When using USB chargers the FP5 often complains about liquids in the USB port. The same charger is capable of powering my other devices, and other chargers work perfectly in the FP5 port. On my anker 30w USB hub connecting the FP5 to the USB-C-charge-port results in the error message. Using the USB-A-port of the same charger works.

Are there fixes for these issues at the horizon and what is the timeframe for this? For a >700€ device…

How would we know? I would ask that the e/OS developer in their Forum

Ideally you can create individual bug reports at e / Backlog · GitLab after checking if nobody has already done so. You would have to create an account with their bugtracker for that.

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hello and welcome
most of the bugs you mentioned seem to be linked to the eOS, that’s why you were rightly redirected to e/OS forum

you mentioned paying 700 euros - have you purchased the phone from Fairphone directly? If yes, the company can only be held accountable for their OS. Perhaps you might consider switching back to the initial OS and seeing if that works for you. For example, I am now on January security update with the FP provided update.

there has been some separate threads devoted to screen protectors and USB charging debris note, feel free to check those

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Hi, thanks for the replies. I am actually not into the blame game, I am just looking for solutions. Maybe mentioning the >700€ price tag was not the right approach from my side, though…

I have already posted these questions in the e forum about two weeks ago. The answers so far were akin to ‘wait for the update’. But since I bought the FP5 as my daily workhorse waiting for an update is not an option for me. Again, not meant as a blame game.

And my hope was that due to the Fairphone and murena working close together that maybe Fairphone could provide more answers regarding these issues.

Its a user forum here and Fairphone is not involved in /e/OS development, both companies are independent.

Did you check on how often updates are provided, before using it, I mean when you installed it 2 weeks ago it was already old.

Overall once available I think CalyxOS is maybe better when you need fast updates monthly.