FP5 problem during call


my GF has a FP5 which has not even a day, and when she calls me, the mic turns off or something but I can’t hear her after a few seconds, but she hears me. Same with loudspeaker on her side. She reboot the phone but it’s not any better. I can hear her for 10sec and then it stops.

Any idea what to do ?


Just a wild guess: You could experiment with VoWifi and VoLTE settings. VoWifi was turned off by default on my FP5, but VoLTE should be on by default. I doubt that it’s the hardware that has issues.

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As you have VoLTE, which network do you have?

Telefonica is my network and I can mainly guess that VoLTE is active as the call is set up much faster than on my FP2 which always needed to switch RAT. And somewhere it reported LTE for calling.

You should see it normally in the network SIM settings if its enabled or not… With a Vodafone SIM I’m missing the setting… Will test my O2 SIM at the weekend and hope its just another Vodafone-FP issue and not a general

From the FP4

There you go:

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I had to send my Fairphone 5 back to Vodafone today because my microphone didn’t work correctly.
Whenever i was using Voice Messages or during a call my microphone stopped working and the other person could only hear weird noises like back in the past when you held a telephone to close to your speakers.

Have you checked if this only occours during calls or maybe also using whatsapp voice chats?

Sounds like a Vodafone-FP problem, at least no complains with other provider so far

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i don’t think it’s a Vodafone problem since i had the problem also using whatsapp or the recorder.

if it were only a problem during calls then okay but it seemed very much (at least in my case) like a hardware issue.


I just wanna say that even if it were a hardware problem with my phone, things like this can happen with any brand so i wouldn’t judge to hard and i really hope @jeanrjc GF has more luck and that it’s just a VoLTE Problem or something like that :slight_smile:

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thanks for your feedback. It turns out that it eventually works normally. I tried to deactivate VoWifi or something, but I think the pb disappeared before that. And now the FP works flawlessly.

And the FP is using Bouygue Telecom.


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