FP5 : Feedback/questions after 2 days of use

Thank you, Lidwien!
I tried the google play link, it says the Launcher is not available for my device, as it has been developed for a previous version (of Android?), and the Hundeva Link leads to google play as well. There it says “last updated in 2018”. And in the screenshots I see that the Google searchbar is visible in grey on the primary pink homescreen, probably inactive, but still bothering.
I think I now give up and use the stock launcher. I’m just a normal user who wants an ethical smartphone. Everybody warns you to keep your apps up to date. I am not courageous enough to install an app that has not been supported for 6 years.
Thanks for your help anyway.
Best, Vera

Most used launcher from Play store I think is the Nova Launcher, if you search here in the forum, you will find it mentioned many times

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I have the Lean Launcher version 1.1.9 on my Fairphone 5
My Fairphone 5 is on Android 13, FP5.TT46.A.144.20240205
And I have removed the Google Searchbar.


Hi, I can only recommend Nova launcher. The search function searches both your apps and the internet, but the internet only after you hit the arrow on the keyboard or one of the suggestions. Only the top line shows apps.
In my screenshot you see that I use Duckduckgo as a search app.

I tried out the Lynx launcher https://play.google.com/store/search?q=lynx+launcher&c=apps and found it useful, so I bought the full version after a short testing periode. At the moment I am more satisfied with this launcher than with nova pro.

It is very clean and you can select between a lot of different search engines. You can configure the search in different ways.

in Nova Launcher you can of course set different search engines too, in Settings/Search
you can enable/disable/rearange engines, also you can add own (in SearchMoreProviders) using specific per web url, example this forum search as "https://forum.fairphone.com/search?q=%s, you can find right url simple using search field on “any” web, and look at url with replacing you search word with %s

Yes of course. I know that because I used the Nova Pro for years. I only wanted to show up an alternative launcher. My statement may lead to a misunderstanding, sorry.

Thanks again Lidwien. I tried again to install lean launcher, (via hundeva → Google Play). I found the app in Google Play, and it would be possible to install it on my Motorola moto e4 (Android 10), but not on the FP5. The FP5 is greyed out. But meanwhile I have almost got used to the Google Bar…

Thanks for your help, best, Vera

Thank you Dryhte. I had tried the Nova Launcher as the first alternative to quickstep. For me, it offers too many options, and often it is unclear what they are talking about. E.g. apparently there is a “Übersichtssuchleiste” and a “Startbildschirmsuchleiste”. No information to be found on which is which… This is frustrating. That’s why I was looking for sth more simple.
I underestimated how much effort is needed to go with a new launcher. I will stick to Quickstep.
Best, Vera

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