FP5 corrupted on initial setup - fix it by myself?

Hi everyone,

the text in [between] is meant to be related to this picture:

i go t my FP 5 today.
After playing around with it I resetted the device to prepare for the final setup.

During Data-transfer tool (by google) via cable the cable disconnected and the FP started a rebooting -loop immediately until it ended up in this state:

[left pic]

i tried a complete newinstallation described here:

Installing Fairphone OS Manually – Support

ended up whit this:


I set up ADB environment in Windows 10 - but:


is this somehow fixable?

As long as the bootloader is locked you cant do what you intend and when you dont have OEM unlocking enabled you cant unlock it.

So did you try to start into recovery (left pic use vol-up/down andthan confirm with power button) and just do a factory reset from recovery?

I will delete your picture as it shows your IMEI

Pressing the Power Button on whatever menu item selected ends Up in a restart showing the exact Same Menu

Thanks for deleting the pic

So your only chance is to contact support and return it for repair I guess