FP5 color bug and USB volume issue

I’ve received the FP5 yesterday, and it’s working great so far except for two issues.

There’s an software issue which is causing some items to become completely white. An example is the save-to-playlist menu in the YouTube app, where text cannot be read. Another example are profile pictures in comments in the Steam app which now are pure white.

I’ve managed to fix this issue by changing settings and restarting the phone:
Display > Visual Enhancement > disable “Image Enhancement” and “Video & Game enhancement”.
I wanted to throw this out there for people who might have the same issue.

The second issue has to do with the “USB-C to Mini Audio Jack” cable. I’m using earphones that worked great on my old phone (which had an audio jack output). The audio volume on the FP5 is uncomfortably high, even on the lowest setting. Just loud enough to take off your earphones to prevent hearing damage.

  • Issue occurred since I’ve received the phone. Also after restart.
  • The lowest volume is selected using the buttons on the side of the phone.
  • I did not factory reset my phone, as I don’t think this is related. Also didn’t set “Disable absolute volume” in developer options, because it only affects bluetooth.
  • I don’t want to use bluetooth earphones, because I don’t want my multiple earphones and this new cable to become e-waste.
  • I’ve tried multiple earphones, all in-ear earphones share the same issue. Other earphones are loud, but not too-loud.

If the volume issue is fixable on my end, please let me know!

More info:

  • Android version: 13
  • Build number: FP5.TT3G.A.094.20230822

Edit by @urs_lesse: I replaced the link to Google Drive with the picture shown there.


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You might be lucky at one point and another user finds and provides a solution here, but until then I would recommend you let Fairphone Support know of these issues at https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests/new if you have not done so yet. I think you can re-use what you wrote here there as well. Fairphone Staff does not permanently scan this user forum for issue reports, so “feeding” it into Support ensures Fairphone gets to know about it.


It might also be of insterest for @Solveig !

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Thanks for your replies! An update(?) seems to have fixed this issue, as the sound volume is fine now.
I’m not sure what changed, because the build number is still the same. Restarting the phone changes nothing.
Support has been informed of the color issue.

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