FP5 - camera dissapointment

Dear Fairphone users,

I recently purchased FP5 because I honestly wanted to support the initiative for a better electronic industry and get a phone with a decent camera and basic functionality.

Unfortunately, the quality of photos is worth that with my iPhone SE of 2016… No focusing, no macro… maybe there are some specific hints on how to make acceptable photos with FP?

I would return it but I live on the other continent and it was purchased at the end of October (so probably too late). I am very sad as Pixel for the same price does offer good photos.

I am attaching two examples that are the best ones and still are horrible for macro photos :cold_sweat:.
For both photos I spent 10 minutes putting contrast marks on the nearest violet flowers and on the white ellipsoid mushroom (from different angles) but without any success.

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For the macro mode you have to use the ulta wideangle lense. When you go close enough to the object it will turn on automatically. Have you used that?

With Pro Mode seperation of focus and exposure

With macro mode, wind and me trembling

So with a bit patience and probably focussing manually in my eyes macro pictures are possible


I also don’t agree that the macro mode is unusable. I made this one (sorry I don’t know how to embed it) one of the first days I had the phone.
picture - that’s a 4cm long jay feather.



Just paste from the clipboard,

or use the Upload tool image, but you can’t upload a .webp file, you’ll have to convert it first to a compatible format jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ttf, svg, ico, pdf, gpx

Nice photo though! :slight_smile:


Isn’t the macro option only for the iPhone Pro series? I though the regular (and thus also SE) series don’t have macro. The FP5 does.

Here is a comparison between the Pixel 6a (which was rated as best camera smartphone of 2022) and the FP5. The FP5 isn’t the best indeed. But the gap is slowly closing.


I use the standard camera-app. For macro I tap in the line under the foto on Pro. Next I tap on the round icon with 1.0x and I can move to 20.x


Technically, indeed my iPhone 2016 does not have macro. I meant not real macro but rather moderately small objects like in the photos from my initial post. I cannot understand how an ancient barely breathing iPhone gives me better focused photos than FP5 :frowning:

If I could I would exchange it on Pixel6. I purchased PF5 with the intention of using it for many years, repairing and upgrading, now I am not that motivated and (if I will not find a way to make good photos) will search for a separate cheap 2nd hand camera for photos. I already missed many good shots during few last travel trips :frowning:


Did you notice that you have to zoom out to get macro mode? It makes the camera app switch to the wide angle camera (different camera for macro mode). It took me a little while to wrap my head around this too.


It may also be the shutter time that’s causing blurry pictures. It has improved a lot since the FP4, but it could still need some work on the FP5. I’m personally satisfied with the quality, and that’s coming from someone who can also be very critical about FP :slight_smile:

Also make sure this option is enabled in the camera settings. But also the AI scene detection.


Just to be sure, did you look through this topic

and maybe try out a GCam-port?


Can the consistent focus really work in macro mode? Normally those are 2 different settings…

Thats normally the opposite, so you zoom, for macro you would go close to the object

Have you tried the various suggestions others have made?

P.S. Your profile says you do not own a smartphone, yet

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