FP5 - Battery Life

On FP5 CalyxOS, I don’t have a slider to control percent of charge.

But my charge lasts much longer than with CalyxOS than with standard FP5 OS

CalyxOS has greatly increased the battery life on my FP5.
Standard android spends a lot of battery life spying on users

Is this anecdotal evidence? Because I’d love to see a battery life race between the fairphone OS, Calyx, and Lineage. I’ve been keeping my eye on Lineage lately. Can you link some comparisons please?

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I’m using /e/OS with my FP4. First, I have to say that I don’t use the phone very much.
I charge my FP every 2 days from about 15-20% to 80%.
Every new upgrade of the OS, I take a screenshot from 100% to almost zero. This is the latest screenshot I took (v. 1.21).

Pretty average day today. The early morning drain is video playback. The rest of the day is the occasional idle glancing. End of the day slope is social media and chatting. I’m satisfied with this.

For me, CalyxOS battery performance is anecdotal.
But lots of people have same anecdote.

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For me battery live improved quite a bit after I turned off the “Touch to wake” and “Lift to wake” options. I suspect these were turning on the phone more times than needed (in my pocket maybe?).

I can now do with 40% of charge on a day.

Same here. Sad that these features take so much battery, I’ve turned them off and charge every night from 40-50% to full. Before I would struggle to get through the day.

That actually worked for me as well. Thanks for the tip! Since tap to doesn’t really work anyway, turning it off is a no brainer.

I have deactivated 5G under network type and the energy consumption has dropped significantly.

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Battery on FP5 rapidly drains while idling. i barely used the device. And it says its around 15 percent charge by the time i use the thing. What gives. I started off with a full charge lately and its dead in a few hours. I come to look at battery management and its even weird that doesn’t look very good. This device hasn’t kept a charge lately. I have been having to plug in more times lately. Normally just loses a 20% charge. How weird.
The phone isn’t even a year old yet.
Fairphone build number

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