FP5 - Battery Life

It’s explained in the menu itself :nerd_face: An iPhone (12) has indeed a better battery life, better than most Android phones.

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The AOD app, it’s this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tomer.alwayson

Sorry about the mess. As a newbie here, the post editing tools feel a bit confusing to me.


thanks, I’ll give it a shot

The idle drain definitely can be low. My phone was charged to 80% 93 hours ago – that’s almost 4 days ago. And now it is at 43%, showing 4 days remaining.

Problem is nobody here seems to have a clue how to debug it when there’s higher than anticipated drain.


Thats without AoD enabled?

And the App AccuBattery gives a good overview

I have several Google Stuff deactivated, I expect its better with Custom ROM

I can only agree. I am quite interested in buying a Fairphone 5 (FP virgin) but the battery capacity/drainage is making me think twice.

My ideal phone would keep alive at least 48 hrs idle without charge.

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Idle for 48h shouldn’t be a big challenge. I think my FP5 would be able to do this:

And this is with updating train information over and over again to see which challenges Deutsche Bahn wants to present to us next, listening to music, a bit of surfing…

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According to accu battery

Just AoD should be off at the moment, its draining quickly when enabled


Can you share more detailed stats? For me this is impossible to achieve. I don’t game on my phone, no AoD (which is really disappointing) And I get around of 4-6 hours of screentime and then I am left with about 30% at the end of the day. When I don’t charge it overnight and have battery safer on from 35% onwards it wouldn’t last much longer on the next day. I wonder how you use your phone. The only thing I can imagine is that you give it short charge boosts, but keep it below 90% so that the battery stats don’t reset.

Mee too,
I have my FP5 since 3 days. I think with optimization it is possible.
Screen at 60hz
Mode battery economy

Seriously I am reassured of usage.

I noticed, that once I activated the Always on Display (AoD) the phone is not entering deep sleep anymore.

I did not use any AoD apps, but the stock Android “Always show Date and Info”.
With AccuBattery I get ~3,6%/h (Display off, wake), with 141 mA and 0m in Deep Sleep.

I suppose that’s one of the major issues for having such a high battery drian with Always on Display. Can anyone confirm this behavior?


I’ve also noticed that on FP5 with AoD on.



Hi y’all,
I got my fp5 and instantly noticed extended battery drain. I turned off “double tap to wake”, “5G” and “AOD” and its fine now. I already rulled out the first. I will eventually rule out either 5G or AOD we will see, but I think it was the AOD.
Just fyi…

The 5G is definitely not the big drain (unless, maybe, there’s a very bad but still existent 5G signal where you are).


It has been repeatedly mentioned that -for the sake of battery life - it is better to charge it only till 80% and not leave it uncharged below the certain threshold, I guess 20%.

While I am trying to do this, sometimes the battery does not keep up the whole day. What would then be smarter - a. Recharging during the day, b. Charging till 90 or even 100 but not letting it go below 20%, c. Charging upto 80 percent but going down till even 5 percent?

Thanks for any suggestions

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A is the best choice, then C, then B.


I dont let a battery dictate my life… I try to not charge over night to 100% (i.e. dont let the phone plugged for hours after its fully charged) and not let it go down to zero, else I dont care that much. I think battery and charging techniques are smarter nowadays and should handle charging in a way that I dont neee to care too much.


CalyxOS introduced Charging Control in one of the last releases.

Not sure if they took it over from another ROM. :man_shrugging:

Just enabled it. Apart from that, re-charging over the day.

yes, I am using this setting in stock rom on FP5, that is in my opinion a great addition. But there is no option to set the limit - only 80% or none.

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I’d prefer a 90% limit, more chance I’d get to the evening with about 20% left. As it is, I just charge overnight to 100%.