[FP5][AndroidAuthority]First look at the Fairphone 5

I distrust “vapour ware”, what matters is the phone it self when is actually available.


Vapourware is a term mostly used for things announced and not coming, or very late. The Fairphone 5 was not announced yet.
Supposed leaks such as this are a nowadays normal communication strategy to be in the news or to build some hype.


I hope FP have learned their misstake and makes the FP5 GrapheneOS combatible. I think most people that whats to degoogle with GrapheneOS also would prefer not to buy an phone from google.

I think that’s a topic discussed in some other threads. But the requirements Graphene lists are too high for Fairphone. When Fairphone manages to get long-term support from Qualcomm (which is now just 3 years for the SoC’s they use) and manages to release their updates on a monthly basis (i.e. the update of that month itself), then Graphene may consider FP. Then hardware security also plays a part, is ARM TrustZone for example sufficient? If FP uses that.

I am already curious how the Android runs on the new hardware. And especially what it will cost. Otherwise, the interior looks a bit different. From the outside it looks like the FP4. I think it is useless to change a design anyway. What I could imagine is that the display of the FP5 fits on the FP4 including the front camera and Speakter. That would at least be cool if FP had thought of that. OLED, 120HZ or something like that is just nice2have for me. Luxury that I do not need. Rather makes an Android that can easily keep up with Samsung, Pixel and co.

Fairphone 5 transparent: Bilder zeigen reparierbares Smartphone vorab - WinFuture.de

" What I could imagine is that the display of the FP5 fits on the FP4 including the front camera and Speakter"

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Specs would have been nice (especially considering how dirt cheap RAM and flash have become).

As for the design: Nah, failed again! Take the FP3, notch up the details (SOC, RAM, flash) and you got me onboard.

This, however, is crappy mainstream :crying_cat_face:


From these leaked images it seems that moving the logic board up, allows to create more space for a larger battery.
For the display I hope it will be interchangeable with FP4, OLED or not, that maybe can solve the issue with backlight in the sun.

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lf the logic board has different connections . . . no

This is definitely a software issue, not a hardware one. It used to work absolutely fine on Android 11.


I know the dim issue and that it’s software related.

But I was referring to the fact that even if not dimmed and at full brightness, in the sun it’s hard to read.
So, maybe a new improved display with more nits could be better.


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The security of grapheneOS is built around and dependent on the presence of google’s Titan M chip, which is only available on pixel phones. It is highly unlikely that any phone except pixels will meet this requirement, including FP. So if you want grapheneOS you have to get a pixel phone. And this will probably hold true for the forseeable future.


Externally it looks much like the FP4 and I actually like the design. As already stated the rounded corners of the FP4 screen are a bit annoying because they are too round. At least they seem to have significantly reduced the top and bottom bezels which is great.

The color choices baffle me a bit. Their “fairphone” green has become a bit of a brand color scheme. The earbuds and earbuds xl also are available in that color. And I really like it. I mean black and white are classics you can never go wrong with, but I guess I expected that green is something like their color now. Idk, just strange to see them drop it after it has been established for a line of products.

The headphone jack is never coming back I guess. And I fear it will disappear completly from phones in the near future. Lets hope the specs are more modern that time around. And, as many others, I wish for an oled. Burn-in is a not a concern on modern oleds anymore. Unless you keep the display on 24/7 for years with a white image on full brightness, you’ll probably never experience burn-in.

But for me it all comes down to whether they get their software issues sorted out or not. They really need to get to industry standards in terms of security and bug fixes. I am not even talking about new features. But security updates and bug fixes must be made available in a timely manner. The hardware could be great, the price could be fair, but if they can’t get the software to work properly and can’t get issues fixed, all of that is meaningless. So yea … FP: get your software dev issues sorted out, and then release new hardware.


I did an estimate on size, taking the width of the usb-c slot in the renderings as a measure:
I come to 160,5*75,8mm
Is seems slightly shorter and wider than fairphone 4. The cameras are slightly more towards the center. The radius of the edge rounding got bigger.

Like I said, its my best estimate, but nothing official or confirmed.


It has been stated that some Samsung phones would be eligible for GrapheneOS if not for the fact that Samsung prevents the use of some hardware security features for custom ROMs. So I don’t think the Titan chip specifically is a requirement, but something similar definitely is. I believe newer SoCs have something similar built in.

Another stopper is that FP is consistently 1-2 years behind on feature updates and 1-3 months behind on security updates with no sign of this changing.

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Did some measurements of the photos and compared them to my phone. Best effort to determine the dimensions, since the phone is a little too wide and thick for my taste.

USB port is about 4mm tall in real life and 21mm on my monitor.
So, that’s then a ratio of 1mm:5,25mm

50mm thick in total in photo
50/5,25=9,5mm thick, so it’s thinner
FP4 is 11mm thick
Now the PF5 with camera bump, the phone is then maybe 11,42mm thick, which is roughly the total thickness of a FP4.

40mm wide in photo, thus 76,19mm in real life, the FP4 is also 76mm wide.

So the phone is likely a bit thinner, if you don’t add the camera bump. With a case protector the phone may still be thinner in total, since the camera bump can be protected by a small extrusion of the case protector, as is the case with the FP4 now.

I think this is still a win. Even though I was hoping for a more practical size.


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What if they had kept this triangled camera alignment design to make them being able to be retrofitting the FP4’s modules? I understand the FP5 modules won’t be compatible with the FP4 but what if they do release other, new “FP4+” modules ?

I personally feel tempted by these visuals of the FP5, especially because I really don’t like the teardrop design of the FP4 screen, and these huge borders, which are so outdated nowadays…

So what about making an OLED screen for the FP4 too? I’ve almost broken mine recently (thanks, protective glass!), but since then I have issues of ghost touches, which appear randomly, even after having changed the broken protective glass and dismounted the device. So I think that it would be great to be able to upgrade the screen to make it fresh, especially if we break it.

There is no reason for me to change the inner parts of the phone so I’d love them to make us want to keep our FP4 for a few years longer…

I also love these new blue and black colours, even if I’m skeptical of the transparent one, after all these previous issues with FP2 and FP3 transparent covers… And the fact there is not much to see through, except for the battery. Then, why not making a fully translucent one like the FP2 and FP3 were inside? And what about the fact they’d also need to release a transparent case to protect the phone while keeping it translucent?

And finally, do you think they’d also release new FP4 covers or cases?


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