[FP5][AndroidAuthority]First look at the Fairphone 5

Hi all,
Android Authority published the first renders for the FP5.
Not much yet on the specs but it looks nice, just a pill for the selfie camera.
No obvious indication on size too.
Expect a release in the next couple of months?

What do you think?


Looks much like the FP4

Your FP5

So what’s to say :duck:


yeah looks like “FP4.1” but can it be parts-compatible with FP4?
will it be a FP4(+) situation?

doesn’t look like it. lets hope they worked out the kinks on the FP4 and use this one to have a “truly” upgradeable phone


I found the visual similarity striking at first sight as well, but don’t miss that apparently the core module went from the right side (probably) to the upper third. This might impact (negatively) the interchangeability (FP4/FP5) of the parts up there.

Surprised to see translucency returning after the repeatedly bad experience with crumbliness of previous attempts.


Interesting. Looking at the renders, it seems like they managed to fix the issue with the side microphone by moving it up a bit. The top module (with cameras and speaker) also looks a bit taller. Maybe they made the microphones part of it?

It would be pretty cool if the displays were interchangeable between FP4 and FP5, but it looks like the connector is at a different spot. Pitty.


Isn’t this a strange place to put the SIM slot?

How’d you pull it out again?

Or maybe the battery contacts are in the wrong place? :face_with_monocle:


good catch! seems weird too, it’s not like it can protrude from underneath the pins when the battery is installed. maybe you’ll have to use some sort of tool?

Not more strange than with the FP2 with two physical slots at this position.

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on the FP2 the slots are not underneath the battery pins, but on the side


What exactly is your thought on “truly”?
Replaceable modules are fine and practical already. Let me assume you mean upgradable CPU/RAM or SoC in general.
Have you ever heard or seen such a mobile pcb design somewhere around the world?
Does Apple have something top notch of this kind in their lab?

I’d be highly enlightened to first time see something like this. This would bring a massive impact in the electronics business. Someone actually could get even more rich with such an option at hand.

I don’t know how Fairphone could get this accomplished since there isn’t one single chip manufacturer to my knowledge having such a design to offer. Maybe RISC-V could be a future option to overcome closed-source limitations. Anyway some form of socket is mandatory. Most people however don’t want to have bulky handsets.
This is what I expect the least in near future designs.

true, it’s a challenge, but we already got the updated cameras on the previous models, we can still dream and keep our phones even longer?

RE: SIM cards, actually the SIM and microSD are housed on the top module (camera and speaker) — so not underneath the pins and not even on the core module!

we can wonder if there are more components, maybe modems in there? i don’t know how that would work but it could be interesting


Again no notification light and no aux, I assume? Then it‘s really no striking sensation.

And after all, sustainability doesn’t mean requiring new parts for the FP3 after 4 years because the parts are breaking out of their own. Every other mobile I ever possessed lasted longer (still like my W200i - even with the original battery!).

And we still depend on Chinese manufacturers for flip/book cases to completely protect our phone.

We won’t buy any Fairphone anymore.
Next try will be one of those two German manufacturers who provide mobile phones with replaceable battery.


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The phones are made in China and I can make my own flip case.

However no apologies necessary etc.

The issue for me is that apart from maybe Shift it’s the only phone that puts the miners and workers wages and living conditions as the the priority and some of them are Chinese.

I would not bother with with the phone on any sustainably of the phone issue :slight_smile:

The cost of the phone is solely a consequence of paying people to mine and manufacture which is a real cost but doesn’t make the phone ‘better’


Not July, August
. . . September, October . . November , December . . . the later the better me thinks. What could be so important as to release this ‘new’ model, what is the benefit, what does the FP4 lack ? apart from some software improvements

EDIT: 2 weeks later.

The benefit is largely for Fairphone as they need to keep with the market and draw in new consumers, but I’m happy with the FP3, and some will/are not happy enough with the FP4


I know about „all“ phones (and shoes and about everything else) are made in China (the reason why I don’t buy much these days and keep looking for alternatives for hours). Doesn’t have to mean, that all other parts have to be made there.

Bother to write instructions for your flip case? Can’t think of any affordable way for everyone (3D printer + filament, or someone who does those things in a professional way, or even something completely different?!).

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Nothing has to be made in China, it’s just the quick and cheap option for most consumers.

Flip case made by hand sewing :slight_smile: or pay someone else to do the work

Off topic: Ending discussion :raised_hand:

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yeah. the notification light is a shame, I really like it. if the screen is OLED (we could hope), then we’d have AOD…
as a reminder : no LED nor jack in the FP4, and it is a LCD too


Maybe Design rhe next Phone in this way to replace the Coremodule even Like Framework is doing IT with their Laptops.
Basic Design of the newenMainboard ist Always the Same to replace it with the next Generation.


I hope the FP5 will be thinner and less wide. But i guess that won’t be the case. Maybe at least the battery and camera modules are the same. That would makes it easier to support the FP4 longer and improve the cameras for 2 phones at the same time. Or at least offer the FP5 camera as an upgrade option for the FP4.

But mostly, I hope it has an OLED screen. Other than that. Modern look succeeded!!

Also, the side mic is now in a much more practical position, higher up. That may prevent some calling issues.

Major downside are the dramatic round corners. It’s not practical. It cuts away icons, text from websites and makes the usable space of the notification bar less efficient. The renders of the Pixel 8 show a much better approach. Rounded corners, but not as dramatic.


If you refer to the side-to-side supra you can see that there is little chance of that happening. Maybe the selfie camera or the bottom module, but I wouldn’t hold my breath about the main camera