[FP5][AndroidAuthority]First look at the Fairphone 5

tbf this daylight savings business was expected to end in the EU exactly for this kind of reasons :joy:
but CEST is still applicable for like two months so, pretty sure they’re talking CEST

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To avoid confusion like this, I now usually just call it “Amsterdam time” or whatever place the event itself takes place at. I’ll tune in at 11:30 Amsterdam/Brussels/Berlin time tomorrow.


I apologize for the confusion, my colleagues are very much overwhelmed in this period and thus more prone to make small typos :slightly_smiling_face:

I can confirm that the event will take place at 11.30 CEST (or UTC/GMT+2 if you prefer).
Or, using aviation phraseology, 0930Z :wink:


On August 30 at 11:30 am CEST Fairphone reveals its new product (Fairphone 5?), whilst Shift is doing a Shifttalk about Shiftphone 8 on the same day at 7:00 pm CEST.

It promises to be a thrilling day for fair smartphone industry. Its my day off, so I will be at both.
Link to the Shift Talk: https://www.youtube.com/@shift-eco
Link to the Fairphone reveal: Change is coming soon | Fairphone
Who else is going to attend at both of the events?


The Site is in german, and a big Spoiler (if correct, what I think it is)


So if they are right, the FP5 will get an OLED display. While this will potentially mean a lower energy consumption I’m looking forward to if burn-in will be a topic or not.
Also interesting to notice is that the Qualcomm QCM6490 Octacore-SoC is meant to be used in embedded and industrial applications. While this is for the long software support I also wonder which side-effects this may have (again: energy consumption?).
All in all I fear I’ll like it :wink:


A positive side effect could be a better support for Linux or Windows OS, I think.
But this is just speculation.


I am unsure if it is a good thing to have more modules. Is it easier to manage the stock or more difficult ?

No doubt it is better for the environment.

I’d say if the modules are seperated by function and then standardized, it might give the “upgrade” part of FP (and other vendors) some updraft.
Something like the PCI-Express interface in PCs, where you can connect whatever you want and with standard drivers already preinstalled.


I do see your point in that the userbase needs to be sufficiently large to support a larger number of (redundnt) modules. I do however see three things that could be tackled with more modules:

Firstly there will always be those users whose priority is to spend little money in their phone, whereas other users rather care about performance or specific features (better camera, more memory, etc). More modules would allow to cater to all of those groups with a single, modular device (which may as a sideeffect ultimately increase the userbase, further supporting more modules).

Secondly more modules could allow for a certain level of redundancy by choice, in order to reduce the risk of something like the FP3-fingerprint-sensor-desaster happening again.

Thirdly a finer granularity of modules would allow for even more targeted repairs increasing sustainability and decreasing cost of repair.




aaand the german online shop memolife has the FP5 already published on their webshop:

I was really hoping for a version with more than 8 GB RAM. I don’t know if that will still be enough for normal use cases in eight years…
But apart from that, there are some big advantages: the industrial SoC with longer software support and the OLED display.
And those three more replaceable parts (vibration motor, microSD & nano-SIM…?) are also very nice.
Still, I’d like it if the power and volume buttons were also replaceable…


Interesting that the transparent model is listed with a delivery time of “at most three weeks” from now:

The others show “at most 5 weeks”.


They also have a nice an compact tabular overview of the technical specifications:

Produktdaten B
Farbe: blau / schwarz / transparent schwarz
Breite: 75,8 mm
Höhe: 161,6 mm
Tiefe: 9,6 mm
Gewicht: 212 g
Betriebssystem: Android 13
Prozessor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 7785 5G
Dual SIM: Ja
Arbeitsspeicher: 8 GB
Interner Speicher: 256 GB
Display: OLED
Displaygröße: 6,46 Zoll
Auflösung Bildschirm: 2.720 x 1.224 Pixel
Kamera: 2 x 50 MP inkl. Weitwinkelobjektiv + 50 MP Selfie Kamera
Videoaufnahme: Video capture,720p&1080p@60fps, 4K@30fps, slow-mo @240fps
Blitzlicht: Ja
Bluetooth: Ja
WLAN-fähig: Ja
NFC-fähig: Ja
LTE/4G: Ja
5G: Ja
Mobilfunknetzwerke: UMTS, LTE, 5G
Datenrate: 5G 2.3Gbps,256QAM, LTE 1.2 Gbps, UMTS 42Mbit/s
Speicher erweiterbar: SD-Karte bis zu 2 TB
Akku: 4.200 mAh
Art der Stromversorgung: Akku
Akku austauschbar: Ja
Gesprächszeit: ca. 13 h
Stand-by: ca. 200 h
USB-Anschluss: USB-C
SAR-Wert: 0,402 W/kg
Google Pay: Ja
Headset-Anschluss: Nein
Lieferumfang: Handbuch zu Gesundheit und Sicherheit, Schnellstartanleitung, Smartphone, Akku
Herstellungsort: China
Herstellergarantie: 5 Jahre Garantie
Verpackungseinheit: Stk.
TCO certified: Ja
WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE: 54352723

The technical specs of the QCM6490 look promising, but nothing is mentioned about audio codec support.
However, other industrial phones with this SoC seem to support AptX/LDAC/etc.
So it could be that these specifications are simply not mentioned by Qualcomm :slight_smile:


Interesting, you can’t find it via search on their shop (this is what I’ve tried earlier) but the direct links work (again).

The Fairphone 5 is available for preorder on the shop! May we change the title of this topic to make it like “FP5 release thread” or similar? We’ve come a long way since the AndroidAuthority article :grinning:

For my part, I’d like to emphasize that the screen is OLED and that’s great! Sadly, same form factor as the FP4 (too big for me).
Also the choice of chipset is interesting, I wonder what are the drawbacks for this (price? missing features?)


I think that’s what the :sparkles: Fairphone 5 live stream :sparkles: thread is for. Removing the [AndroidAuthority] from the title would be nice though.

I will close here and ask everyone to head over to the official release topic