FP4 with Fello (Sweden) SIM card does not seem to work


I moved a sim card for fello.se from my FP2 to my new FP4 and while I can make calls and send sms, 4G does not seem to work.

Fello tell me I need to contact FP support.

I have no clue on where the problem could be. Any ideas?


Hi there,

Maybe it is a good idea to check the APN settings of your device, the right ones should be provided by Fello.

Since this forum is just a user forum, you will not get official feedback here from Fairphone. Maybe it is a good idea to #contactsupport


There are no apns defined and I cannot add points myself, for some reason. So I guess the problem lies there. I was not looking for official feedback, I value other peope’s experiences a lot!

If you find APN in the settings, just create a new one with the + button

I guess for the APN settings you can use this guide:

I hope that this will work for you.


It worked! :smiley:

The weird thing was that when the list of APNs was empty, there was a text saying “access point names settings are not available for this user”. Then I could click + but there was no Save button. I finally found the Save option under the menu. That was a bit weird. Is that the new default Android 11 design?

Anyway, I have 4G now! I’ll complain to Fello that they don’t have a provider telling the phone what the default APN is…