FP4 with /e/ and Fritzbox VPN via WiFi

Hi there,

did anyone try the standard android VPN tool on his FP4. I am using /e/ and when I am using a WiFi with the phone, I can not connect to the VPN. If I am using the mobile data connection it is working.
It is a standard fritz-vpn set up for android based on the fritz manual (German)

I also have a FP3 with /e/. For this I have no issues using the WiFi to connect to the VPN. Any ideas or suggestions?

what does the /e/ community say?

Hi, I had it working with mobile and WiFi until 14th of April, but since then I am no longer able to connect via VPN. Either this is because of the latest FP update or Vodafone made changes to my Internet routes.

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