FP4: Wifi 6 support?

The Snapdragon SoC supports Wifi 6. Is there gonna be Wifi 6 support in FP4? Or are the users stuck with Wifi 5?

@peci1 this is a user forum and has nothing to do with the production of the Fairphone. It is also not guaranteed that Fairphone people read this forum. Your question can only be answered by the producer.
You should send your question to Fairphone directly.
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The Snapdragon 750G is not really WiFi 6 capabable, but WiFi 6 ready
It supports some features of WiFi 6 but not all.
But does the difference between WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 really matter for the end customer? I have my doubts…


Support for Wi-Fi 6 could be provided “over the air” at a later date, but that is pure speculation from my side…

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Yeah, the question is whether the whole wifi chipset is part of the Snapdragon SoC or whether there is still need for a standalone wifi chip part (which I don’t know). But even then, from my experience, e.g. some mPCIe Wifi card manufacturers say their cards can be Wifi-6-enabled just by a firmware update.

I’m asking mostly about being future-proof. Obviously I don’t think there will be much difference between 5 and 6 for me personally (and I don’t need speeds in terms of 100s Mbps anyways).

@HolosericaCaligo if you have an home network were everything supports wifi6 its metters.
And the Phone is mend to get used for min 5 years an than the big differenc bettween wifi5 and wifi6 metters very much!

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