FP4 - Vibration not working

I just got my new Fairphone4 and I love it.

Only issue is that there are no vibrations, not when typing, not when getting called or when the alarm goes off.

I also installed a vibration test app and nothing.

Is there some setting I could have accidentally activated to turn off all vibrations?
Anybody else had this issue?

Many thank.

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Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Please perform a self test:

Is the vibrating working here?

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Thanks for the fast reply,

Sadly no, I used the vibrator test entry, it then asks if the phone is vibrating, but it isn’t.

Then it sadly looks like a hardware failure. You can try to locate and check the vibration device or contact support for a replacement:

I feared that, lets see what the support is saying and hopefully they can send me just the vibration module.


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Maybe, it’s included in the loudspeaker module:


Suppose Do-not-disturb is not activated?! (don’t know if in this case the vibration self test would still work…)

It should still vibrate in the test and I did deactivate it to be sure :slight_smile:

And yes it would be part of the loudspeaker, I removed the module and there is a slight scratch on the golden contact plate, maybe that is the issue.

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Hi. I seem to have the same issue and did the same test without success. But when I restarted my phone a moment ago, it vibrated for half a second right at the beginning. So I’m not sure if this really is a hardware issue.

Could you try to verify my assumption by also restarting yours?

Yes, during restarting the phone it vibrates but afterwards nothing…
BUT I think I found the problem…
… without the power saving mode the vibration works again.
I don’t think this is ok. I would like to have the power saving mode on and the phone should vibrate as well :slight_smile: → DEAR engineers please consider this for the next update, thanks :slight_smile: !!!

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The main point of Battery Saver is to save power when the battery gets below a certain threshold, so you may still make it to a charger without the phone shutting down. Vibrating the phone isn’t necessary for basic functionality and costs energy, that’s probably why it’s disabled in that case.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for this to get changed. Not before the camera gets fixed anyway :smirk:
Oh, and this is a user forum, if you actually want someone to implement this, you’ll have to #contactsupport


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