FP4 - very privacy-friendly custom ROM iodéOS

I have a last question :grin:, did you think i can install the update manually ? (I have the bootloader close)

I’m not using iodéOS, and never have :sweat_smile: Just classic FPOS for the FP4…


Yes you can.
But I wouldn’t!

Wait a few days…
Maybe ask in iode forum.

Believe me, it’s safer

As long as the bootloader is locked you can’t install any OS/update manually.



Sorry I got you mixed up

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I got a question about iodéOS.
Can I install payed apps?


Perfect, thank you for your search ! I wait, no problem :slight_smile:

Don’t know, using only free and FOSS apps.
But I think it’s the same as on all ungoolaged microG based ROMs.
Maybe with an personalized goolag account in aurora store or microG

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When you log in with your google account in the aurora store you should find all Apps you bought in the Playstore, except those which you upgraded within the app.

I have heard that is not allowed and the account can be blocked forever by Google!

I cannot say that this will not happen, however, I have not heard that this ever happened…at the end you need to decide what is more important, no google at all, or some google depended and bought apps with the chance you will be blocked by google one day. you can hardly have all together, or I would say you might not be ready to live without google and maybe it would make more sense to you, to just reduce Google as mus as possible on FPOS or wait for Lineage OS, where you can install minimal Google Apps.


I’ve used a “burner” google account with Aurora Store for years now, never had any problems. I don’t use payed apps with it though, loosing it wouldn’t hurt me much.

Generally I’d classify this as a “grey area”, while you’re not supposed to use other Google Play clients, I can’t remember anyone getting blocked… :man_shrugging:


I have been using my Google Account with Aurora Store in combination with paid apps for almost two years now without any problems. I know several other LineageOS/iodéOS users with the same setup who also have no problems with blocked accounts :slight_smile:


Sounds good! I’ve got iodéOS on my A5 and I like it.
A view additional questions.
Are there updates available?
Maybe from today. :wink:
I didn’t get updates for my A5.
Did somebody know a good calendar?
Especially with swipe left-right for yearly-monthly-weekly-daily view and up-down for next year-month-week-day.

Many thanks

Updates: sees above
Calendar: Etar or simple calendar

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On a correctly signed image, you can adb sideload same-signed updates via the recovery or via update_engine while the system is running.
When locked direct fastboot flashing is the only thing blocked.


That’s possible with iode on FP4.
It is “verified boot” and correctly signed.

iodé has updated iodé Browser to 99.1.1 today


For everyone : all OTAs are now uploaded, except mi9 which is not finished yet.

So, you should find it now via updater.

Update 05.04.2022

iodé will release a new version for FP4 very soon with (a lot of) changes and security improvements
signed avb_custom_key instead of built-in googles test-key to increase security

it will not be available via OTA updater. Must be installed from scratch, unlocked bootloader and manual installation of avb key
means also, a factory reset is necessary.

Next version will then be available via OTA.

after long discussion and research, they took the decission to go that way. it’s nearly a complete change-over
But I don’t see this as a big annoyance, since we are still in the beta phase. That can and may happen.