FP4 - very privacy-friendly custom ROM iodéOS

honest? Not at all!
Coming from all custom ROMs I have only heard of problems.
from iode back did not work for all.

The problem lies in the signing keys and that FP uses test keys. IMHO

If this is too risky for you, then better don’t do it.

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IodéOS looks very good and is very fast on my A5. I would love to keep it. But a last questions.
Can I flash other custom rom’s with this signed key?
Will I get updates for iodéOS for the next 5 years?

Many many thanks

NO! Don’t try it. Bricks your phone
Am I God ?

I am sorry, I don’t get it. Is 2.4 now out in the open or still beta? I am on 2.3 and don’t know what to do now? Thanks

I did it that way and would suggest to do it that way, IF your bootloader is locked

Then your ROM base on user-settable avb key and all upcoming versions will base on that and OTA will work.
If your bootloader is unlocked you can wait a little bit more for next OTAs with fixed keys…

The Devs have made many changes at the moment because of the general, not only iode sepcific, extreme problems of the brick when the bootloader is locked again
There is a lot of action in it and it can change daily…

You can definitely go back to the original OS. Here is the manual:

I only recommend not closing the bootloader after reinstalling FairphoneOS as this could result in a bricked device (It can be fixed only by Fairphone for approx. 30€)

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But only with an unlocked bootloader.
At least this is not fully tested after version 20220405 is installed (changed to user-settable avb key)

Yes, that’s what I said: Dont’ lock the bootloader until this issue is resolved.
Then you should be fine :slight_smile:


Also that should be just a temporary issue, I’m sure FP will work on this to get this fixed. So there is and will be a way back to FPOS


The flag that controls the ability to unlock the bootloader is persistent across reboots and factory data resets, but not across flashes. Therefore it should be safe, if you want to relock the bootloader, to flash FPOS, request a new unlock code and enter it, and only then lock the device.
The device will perform a factory data reset, but not touch the flag. If your device breaks now, you should be able to unlock the bootloader again.

Never mind, you cannot set the flag if the device is already unlocked…

If the above description is correct you would not be able to use/enter the new code, or?


If that is the case I stand corrected, seems stupid though

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Many thanks for answering importend questions. :slight_smile:


Matrix Room
iodéOS Beta Testers and Community

No one can guarantee that, but the chances are very good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Today a detailed review (in German) has been published:




There is more interesting news:

New supported language & 50€ off your next iodé order!

We are pleased to announce iodé is now available in German!

We have recently welcomed a new team member Oliver from Leipzig who will be helping you get your hands on your iodé phone you can get with 50€ off by using the coupon willkommen (available until the 31th May) on your next order :slightly_smiling_face:!

New iodé documentation

We have made available a new documentation on how iodé’s ‘degoogled’ Operating System (iodéOS) protects your personal data.

iodeOS.pdf (2,6 MB)


This is the test phase, but will it be possible to OTA-update if the final release is available?

Yes, it only depends in the OTA updater you are using.
Betas have their own updater

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