FP4 + Ubuntu Touch

I would like to use a FP4 with Ubuntu Touch.
I have read the Open OS webpage but see no references to this port. I can not even find FP3 and Ubuntu Touch.
Will this port be in the plannings at Fairphone?


Hi and welcome.

You can start looking at

Why at Fairphone? I don’t think that they will port ubuntu touch on their phones.


You may have a look at what’s known about OS variants for FP1-FP4 at #oslist.


reading again what @z3ntu posted in the FP+UT Telegram group, it’s not strictly a port as he used the GSI (Generic System Image):

GSI, I didn’t have to compile any Android parts

with few kernel patches:

Only defconfig changes, i also added apparmor patches now but it booted without them

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If someone wants to try they can download out · Artifacts · devel-flashable (#1942817027) · Jobs · Luca Weiss / fairphone-fp4 · GitLab (best with the “Download artifacts archive” button so it’s compressed), in TWRP format userdata partition (so it doesn’t have encryption) and mount it, push ubuntu.img as /data/ubuntu.img and flash boot.img to boot partition.
Most things work, but WiFi needs manual enabling via the command line and telephony/SMS isn’t working (although the phone registers to a network).
Not sure when these issues will be fixed and when this can be available as official port but I’ll keep you posted!


Is there any chance that the Corona Warn App (CCTG) from f-droid will work in the Android container (don’t know how it is called now) with Bluetooth? Or is that ruled out in principle by technical reasons?

Current implementation of Android container is called Waydroid. You can find a non-exhaustive list of compatible apps here in Ubports forum.

Waydroid is a fork of previous implementation Anbox.

Concerning the Corona warn app is was discussed here and it seems complicated / challenging (Bluetooth always on, app running in the background,…)


Thank you very much for the link. It seems that a lot of apps are actually working. Looks good!

As far as I understand the discussion, it is about a native port to UbuntuTouch. But nevertheless, I think especially the point with running in the background would also apply to Waydroid Apps (don’t have a deeper understanding about the BT part), so I guess it can be ruled out that it will work.

Thanks you!


I’d really like to test it, but I’ll first wait to be able to do TWRP backups… As FP4 is my daily driver I need to go back to my main OS :slight_smile:


Hi. I found this post because i too would like to use a Fairphone 4 with Ubuntu Touch. You can find info about FP3 and UT here: Fairphone 3 and 3+ • Ubuntu Touch • Linux Phone FP4 is not on the list yet. I hope there are no blockers and it will become available and be stable before the Jolla Phone 1 I’m still using falls apart.


have you got news about the port of Ubuntu touch on the Fairphone 4 ?

Nothing change since the march month (see github).

Do we have to wait more months ?


Hi who are you asking ?


I only want to know if Fairphone community have news about the port of Ubuntu touch on the Fairphone 4. There is no news since february.




Is there any updates regarding Ubuntu touch port for FP4?
Is there any repository I can check in case I can contribute somehow?


Did you check the UBPorts Forum?

I will check it out thank you!

@z3ntu 's repository of UT for FP4 is this one: Luca Weiss / fairphone-fp4 · GitLab


Seems that Alfred (fredldotme) is also working on a Ubuntu port :smiley: