FP4 teardown experience and a screw that won't tighten

I tried taking my FairPhone 4 apart the other day as I was curious to see the different modules and figured I might as well do it since I went through the trouble of getting a phone that has things laid out so nicely. I did quite enjoy the experience of being able to take a look at the insides and see how thoughtfully it has been designed.

As I was doing it I was a little disappointed to notice that the screw that holds the bottom module and USB-C connector in place was already loose to begin with and would just rotate in place instead of coming out when I turned my screwdriver. It wasn’t possible to tighten it either.

This doesn’t really cause any significant problems currently but I’m wondering if it is basically a fault in my phone in the form of a stripped screwhole (guess it could be caused by someone tightening it too much during assembly or something) or if it’s like this for other people too?

I doubt that is common so maybe contact support anyway.

I took my FP4 apart once (several month ago) and no screw was faulty.

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Thanks, I suspected as much but it is good to know this isn’t something typical.

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