FP4 Speckled green: available after shipping?

I am really excited about the new Fairphone 4 and I am in the market for a new phone. However, I am not a fan of pre-ordering - I want to know that people are happy with the phone and that I don’t lose my money if something goes wrong.

I really like the speckled green colour, but I’m worried that it will sell out or be exclusively a pre-order bonus. I get the impression that Fairphone want to use that special colour to convince people to upgrade to the higher spec model (and I’m conflicted but it is very persuasive).

On the product page for FP4, it says that speckled green is exclusive to fairphone. com. But will they keep producing this colour, or just have the other two once they sell out and deliver the phones?

Hi @rookwood101 Welcome to the forum

You may like to ask Fairphone this is just a user forum

support@fairphone dot com


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