FP4 Soft case colours

I’m a vain person, and in love with the speckled green FP4, but I also wanna take good care of my phone - is a case i speckled green in the pipeline? Would anyone else enjoy this as much as me? :smiley:


Hi and welcome to the forum, but this is a user forum.

For information on what Fairphone, the company, have as future products you may email them at support@fairphone\dot/com

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I think it’s unlikely that Fairphone plans to release one, but it can never hurt to rally the like-minded :+1:
(I am using an FP3+, so just wishing good luck here :wink: )

Holy shit…
A soft case on top of the huge FP4? :astonished:
Fits then yes nowhere more purely… :rofl:

No negative statement. I find the size and weight of the FP4 really cool. Since you really have something in the hand.
But not even thicker… :wink:

A soft case is released, I’m just thinking it’s sad to buy the speckled phone only to cover it with a mono-colour case :slight_smile:


Thickness: 13 mm
225 g plus additional
Weight: 30 g

Word! :wink:

I know, but aren’t you concerned with the longevity of the mainboard without a soft case? Can’t remember having a phone or tablet without one :open_mouth:

longvity of the mainboard?
it is protected by the case itself, not the bumper.
I am confused…

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Repeated bumps to any circuit board will make them malfunction. Even if they’re protected by something. The problem is, that a hard case doesn’t really absorb any shock, therefor does not protect the main board as effectively as a soft one :slight_smile:

I agree this can, but must not happen…my quite vulnerable FP2 (much more modular than FP3+4) only has the normal case and fell down hundret times the past 5 years and I have no core module issues…

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Perhaps we can design our own case. :slight_smile: I have some green TPU filament for my 3D printer, I’ll report back in December after I get my green fairphone 4 if I manage to print a case for it.

There’s potential for a case that covers the sides, but leaves the majority of the back cover on show. :thinking:


You mean a bumper frame not a fully case?

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So essentially buying the soft case in the first place is kinda abundant?

When Fairphone launched the FP3, it automatically came with a bumper (you can see it on the right in this photo). When the FP3+ came out a year later, the bumper was no longer included. Fairphone’s explanation is that the FP3 needed the bumper to prove sufficiently resistant in drop tests. The FP3+ housing is made of slightly different plastic (the FP3 was somewhat translucent, the FP3+ is opaque) that on its own proved sufficiently resistant in drop tests. However, a protective soft case for the FP3/FP3+ was made available as an optional accessory.

Given the FP4 does not come with a protective soft case out of the box, my assumption is that while such a case gives extra protection, the “naked” FP4 on its own should be about as shock-resistant as the FP3+ (without protective case).


Or something in-between! :wink: something that gives protection to the edge and cameras?

Sounds sensible. It says MIL810 approved shock resistance :slight_smile:

I think, instead of all others before, the FP4 has an alloy alu frame

Not just a thought, that is part of the spec :slight_smile:

based on your comments I’ve decided to order this “FitBag” for my pre-ordered /e/PF4.

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