FP4 sharing pictures feature vanished

I used to be able to just view the photos I had just taken in the Gallery and share from there. Last night something happened (maybe my mistake) and Google Photos took over. I don’t want this and just want to go back to how it was before. If I disable Google Photos, I can’t see my pictures at all. I have no clue about all the suggestions here, which sound like installing something else complicated. I just want to go back. Is there no way?

Hi and welcome, no clue what happened, however at the end on the FP4 it was never possible to use the preview with any third party gallery app and the stock Camera app.

So whats your set up: Operating system installed, Camera App used, Gallery App used?

The only Camera app I’m aware off, which can use another gallery without further Manipulation of the system is Open Camera.

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I have an FP4 with only whatever comes as standard. I don’t like phones and only have one for the bare necessities. I had something that worked perfectly well out of the box, and now Google Photos has taken over and I want rid of it.

No idea how it worked for you and it never should have worked with stock system and apps or the standard always was google photos app (gallery). I dont see any other gallery app preinstalled beside google photos. So you say you have installed anoher gallery app (which one) or you havent?
I understand you dont want it, however to help you more information is needed

Hello, thank you for trying to help but I haven’t installed anything. I just take photos with the camera, and previously I could click on the photo I had just taken and it would open with a sharing button at the bottom, which offered me a choice of email, chat, and so on. Now the sharing button opens with a Google Photos toolbar at the bottom, and sending the photos sends a link instead of the photo. Maybe I used the term ‘gallery’ wrongly but I had seen it used elsewhere. I have no idea about phone apps, sorry.

Ok so you havent disabled Google Photos and use it, i.e. your issue is different from the topic and someone who has Google Photos in use would need to help you. I will create a new topic for you.

Edit: you mean something like this?

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