FP4 rebooting without starting OS

my FP4 yesterday was functioning well, but the battery has died and when I tried to charge it, it started to reboot all the time, without start android , it"s an infinite bucle. I attach a video: C0055.mp4

When you say the battery has died, do you mean the phone shut itself off because the battery was empty, or did it happen suddenly during normal use? :thinking:

Could you check if you can reach recovery:
Unplug it → Power off → Hold Vol. up → Plug it in (while holding the button)


yes, the mobile naturally shut off because the battery was empty , I tried charge it in the car , then in another car with another 2 diferent cables and nothing , enter in bucle. I tried hold the vol up bottom and plug in and charge / turn on, but nothing, enter to bucle like you can see in the video above

It was vol down +cable. I tried to start, restart, recovery mode, all the options ,but it starts rebooting

If you select RECOVERY on that screen (with the volume buttons), does it just enter into a bootloop again? :thinking:

If that’s the case, you’ll likely have to #contactsupport, as we won’t be able to try a factory reset.

Should you have a #fairphoneangel nearby, you could try starting it with a different battery as well.

yes, I chose recovery mode and tha same, like always, enter in a loop state

no, I don"t have one near. I read some topics of using external softwares from pc, but sincerely I"m not an informatic guru LOL

Since your bootloader is locked, there wouldn’t be that many things we could do if you connected it to a PC.

I’m still hung up on the low battery symbol that briefly appears in the beginning of your video, so you could buy a new battery and try it again.
In any case, contact support as well, if you haven’t already, they can take some time to respond.

Can you use a decent charger instead? As the full start possibly uses more power than charger and empty battery can deliver.

of course, I used the quickcharger that I used before, a totally new charger, 2 car charger with 4 diferent cables . It"s not the charger

Yes, I contacted them 2 days before, but still nothing. the thing is, that this phone is new, has 4 months , the battery was perfect, I used these days fully and it was great . But suddenly it happened. Thanks for the help

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