FP4 randomly stops sending text messages (SMS)

Hi everyone,

I’ve searched the forum but can’t find anyone else with this issue.
Basically my new FP4 is working brilliantly in most areas, but I have this very annoying text message issue.
Most messages send fine, but for about 1 in 4 times, instead of immediately saying ‘sent’, I get the ‘sending’ notification for several minutes even though there is signal, and then ‘not sent, tap to try again’. I tap and the whole thing cycles through again, with the message still not being sent.
It doesn’t seem to be a SIM issue because some messages go through fine. And I searched to see if it was an Android issue but I couldn’t find anything.
Has anyone else had this? Does anyone have a fix?

Many thanks, Jess

Are you using the standard app Messages on a googled FP4?

Are the Chat features activated? Maybe standard SMS are going through but no data messages or vice versa.

Thanks Incanus, do you know how I check that?

In the settings of the message app, if you use it.

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Just to note there is a possibility the SIM card is not seated properly, either down to the card or the slot. Can you try the other SIM slot toy rule part out.

The FP4 only got one physical SIM slot :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry got my FP3 head on :slight_smile:
Edited previous post :blush:


I just upgraded from FP2 so I understand the mixup!

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