FP4 randomly stops recognising the physical SIM


We might be seeing two different problems here.

@bm90001 Yours (update, 5G, e-SIM) points to a software issue, and probably related to the last update and related to a specific network operator(s). Only hope there is to contact Support which you’ve already done.

@Traydr 's problem might be either the same or related to the SIM. But apparently not related to update, and increasing frequency of incidents for me points to the SIM, in which case using an e-SIM might still be a solution for them. If possible use the guarantee, but that will probably mean sending the phone back, so you’ll need to do your backups (those should be regular anyway!) and hopefully you’ll have a backup phone available. If you decide to do that, before sending the phone back, do a factory reset just in case that solves the problem. Support will likely ask you to do that anyway.
Check whether turning mobile data off then on helps, as indicated by bm90001.

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