[FP4] Problem with battery status after 1 year Battery already broken?


I bought my Fairphone around December 2022.

I use the AccuBattery Pro app to measure the battery status.

As you can see in the picture, the condition is only 75%, unfortunately my battery always runs out very quickly.

Are there other people who have a problem like this?

Is that a warranty case?

Is there another way to see the status of the battery on the phone?

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One interesting aspect is that for me the app assumes a different design capacity (3300mAh):

That’s only about 4 months and not one year…?

What is quickly? Number of hours?

You might at least try and open a ticket.

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I see a lot of crosses on your graph which usually indicate a number of large charges. I only know this because I have the same app and do a deep charge once or twice a month.
Do you plug your phone on charge at night and take it off in the morning when it is at 100%?
If you’re doing the full charge up everyday then you will degrade your battery faster than if you stop charging at 80%.

That said, 75% capacity after 4 months does sound unusual to me. I’ve been tracking mine since October 2022 and it has gone from 115% to 105% currently.


I am having the same issue.

I also bought my FP4 in December and recently my battery life has been dropping considerably. The last two days I took it off charge in the morning and was under 15% by 7pm, despite pretty light usage during the day.

I often spend long days working outside and rely on my phone as a safety device so need it to last 20 hours minimum between charges with geolocation etc turned on.

It sounds a bit as if something would run in the background, maybe check for App outliers, or run in safemode #dic:safemode to check if its a third party App or not? Is recently somehow connected to a system update?

The FP4 comes with a 3900 mAh battery, so your design capacity should also be 3900 mAh…


December 2022 until now is not 1 year but only about 3-4 months.

You can also try “GSam Battery Monitor” to check what is going on. Sometimes apps install services which cause many wake locks which drain the battery.

I have definitely noticed a significant increase in battery consumption since the last update. Shortly before, on 5th March, I actually wrote in the “Android 12 has come to the FP4” topic, that my phone was only using 1% during the night with Airplane mode on.

It now uses about 1% per hour, even with Airplane mode on.

I seem to have the same problem since last update, but I’m on FP3+. My FP3+ seems to be constantly consuming some power in the background regardless its actual usage. The battery used to hold 2 days without problem when I used the phone for some calls and messages and a bit of news reading in the evening, now it barely holds for one day. Switching the phone into the airplane mode in night costs me up to 10%, before it was 1-2%.

Battery usage screen does not show anything suspicious however.

Sorry guys I got the date wrong. I bought my FP4 in December 2021 and not 2022.

So and i lost about 25% of my battery capacity in 1year and 4month.

I think thats alot.

But i work mostly outside, so i charge my Phone to 100% in the morning an use it all day outside in light and at the end of the day i’m about 10%.
I think thats not good for the battery to do it every day.
But also know 2 other people they have the same phone and the same low battery capacity after the same time but this two dont use there phone as much i do.

I’ve got about 6 months of data in AccuBattery now. I’ve also re-baselined the graph for the design capacity of 3905mAh.

I notice that it was showing 3800mAh at the start and has tailed off to 88% or 3450mAh at the last deep charge. Estimating -14.3% loss of capacity in the first year based on my usage and charging pattern.

You’re seeing 25% loss in 1.33 years (18.75% capacity loss per year). Given my 14% and your nearly 19%, it seems that we’re in the same ballpark for battery degradation. Either way, we will be looking at replacement battery time in the 2nd or 3rd year.

I do think that the battery is degrading, and since it had a lower initial capacity than other devices (my wife’s phone had a 4500mAh to start with) it is showing up as needing more charging more frequently. My only suggestion is to replace the battery when it gets too much of an inconvenience to keep charging it. It’s not what you want to hear but that’s the way it seems to be.

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