FP4 Privacy filter, bad visual

Hi there,

I bought the Privacy filter screen protector. But jeezz… what a disappointment for € 32.95 eu. The screen looks like there are all tiny lines in it, which makes reading a bit “fuzzy”.

Do you folks have the same experience?

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Yes, the blue light filter is much better. Although, with direct sunlight it can have a purple glow. It would’ve been great to just have a normal screen protector :slight_smile: But the blue light filter one is good enough.

A friend of mine has a FP3 with a privacy filter, it seemed better on that device. But not sure, I may not have had a detailed look at it.

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Interesting! For me, it works quite “ok”. I have my privacy filter since the beginning (got my phone shortly after the release) and can’t really complain. I mean, at this point I guess I’m also missing the comparison but I’m not having the feeling that it “makes reading a bit fuzzy”. I also cannot see the tiny lines that you are describing. If it helps, I can try to take a photo of it with another devices to get you some comparison. Maybe something is wrong with your product or they changed the “recipe”.

Originally I would’ve also loved to just have a normal screen protector, as @UPPERCASE was saying, but then decided to go for the privacy one because I wanted to have the “choice” of when I use blue filters or not.

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mm Interesting indeed… Yeah a “norma” screen protector is probably the best solution. but i’m afraid the phone gets a lot “bulky”. My fuzzy effect is a bit like those optical illusions:Trippy DIY Animations: Use These Printable Templates to Make Your Own Moving Optical Illusions « Papercraft :: WonderHowTo

Ofcourse quite exaggerated :wink: