FP4: Power delivery charging?

Now that the EU announced it will require USB-PD on all chargers, I’d like to know if FP4 supports fast charging via PD or if it only supports QuickCharge… The obvious support for 5V/0.5A charging is of course not the answer.

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Fairphone say …

For quick charge […] Qualcomm Quick Charge processor compatible, version QC 4.1

Qualcomm say …

Quick Charge 4 features many advancements over prior generations—here are a few: USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery (USB PD) compliant.


Great, thanks! According to wikipedia, QC 4.1 can do 100 W, while the USB-PD “fallback” is limited to 27 W (according to some articles) or not limited more than QC (according to other articles). Both options should be good for the 20 W FP4 needs.

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