FP4 Phone speakers still playing while bluetooth headset is still in use

Hello, I made a cursory search of the forum, but did not find this specific topic. Please let me know if it is covered elsewhere.

I recently bought a FP4, and I need to take calls hands free for work.

I have been having trouble getting the phone to play sound through a headset - when I used Kiwibird and Sharkoon audio jack adapters, the phone continued to play through its speaker.

I have since managed to successfully pair it with an AcousticSheep bluetooth headset, but while it does play sound through the headset speakers, it continues to play through the phone speakers at the same time!

Is this a known issue, and is there a way to resolve this?


After connecting a Bluetooth headset audio is still played on the speaker. How to tell pocket casts to use bt?

I went ahead and merged both topics, maybe more eyes :eyes: will find a solution faster :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Does this problem only occur in specific apps?
  • What happens when the audio output gets changed and how do those options look like for the affected apps? For reference, here’s how it looks for me with NewPipe:


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