FP4 Overheating & Battery Drain

Hello all,

I’m reaching out to see if anyone is having or has had similar issues to me & can help diagnose what the problem might be.

I got my new Fairphone 4 last Friday. Seemed to be working very nicely for first couple of days but then (after doing the most recent update but that may just be a coincidence) I seemed to be getting horrific battery drain & the phone getting very hot with what I would call fairly low level usage (social media, emails, other pretty basic apps). The battery is lasting around 12hrs or less.

I was gearing up to send it back but then it suddenly seemed fine again for a day or two (giving me somewhere over 24hrs charged & not getting too warm) but I have just unplugged it this evening & it seems to be back to quick draining battery (though so far doesn’t seem to be getting too hot).

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any insight into what the problem might be?


Hi. Have a look at other similar topics




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High battery use and heating are quite common after an update and are not necessarily related to your direct use of the phone. They are caused by background work induced by the update and the amount of work will depend a lot on the apps you have installed and the amount of data in databases and files (indexing for example), so will be very variable from one phone to another.

See the posts suggested above, but of course if your device is defective it will be covered by the guarantee.


Recently someone reported it stopped when in the settings under location the WLAN and Bluetooth search was disabled.

I had issues like that that were caused by misbehaving apps, e.g. Firefox.

Android sadly has only rudimentary tools to find misbehaving apps (unless you have root).

Have a look at the battery section in the settings app. In the top right corner there are three dots with the “Battery usage” option. Try to see if you can find any useful information there.


Thank you for sharing! Had a search but didn’t come across this. It seems to be behaving now but bookmarking this in case I have issues in the future!

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