FP4 is out, so I bought a FP2

I got an used Fairphone 1 and I was quite happy with it, but one day it stop to charge and I can’t buy a new bottom module. So bought an used Fairphone 2 in 2016 and I am still happy with it. In 2019 my girlfriend bought a brand new FP 3, with is in my view to big.

I also bought the FP-Headset, but when my gf want one they were out of stock and never came back. Now it makes total sens, but I don’t want another battery to listen to music. My FP2 is now six years old and I changed a lot of spare parts on it, but it got a little water damage and reboots repeatedly, so the end is near.

I was always checking the news to see if there is a new FP and finally there it was, but it is again bigger and now it has no audio jack anymore, these are two reasons why I bought a FP 2 today. I personally do not utilize processor the capacities, Bluetooth 4.0 LE is alright and I don’t need 5G. They only thing I miss a little is the USB-C port, but I can live with out it.

With LineageOS 18.1 FP2 has an up to date Android. So in my point of view FP2 is the best Fairphone, because you can get spare parts and updates.

I would love to see a FP in the size of FP1 but for so long I will use FP2 till I cant get any spare parts or software update. But currently I really don’t know if I would buy an FP4 or if I’m going to look for an alternative mobilephone.

Best sunset


you may want to watch this tread. At the moment the orders are closed, but @Leo_TheCrafter is making bottom module with usb-C.


But no active Qualcomm updates anymore. Those are just as important.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to buy a dongle than an entire phone to have a 3.5mm connection? The FP4 will last longer.

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@kristijan_tkalec I have seen the thread and I am going to keep an eye on it.

@UPPERCASE This would be an option, but then I need at least to dongles one for 3.5mm and a y-adapter for changing and listening. And in any case I am going to miss one if I need them. So to avoid it I will just buy phones where i can plug my earphones in.

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