FP4 Hands free phone call in my car doesn't work correctly

Could someone please give me an advice, how to use my fairphone 4 as
speakerphone in the car?
The phone call is selected by default over the speaker of the FP4 and when I touch the “loudspeaker”-button in the phone app, I can use the loudspeaker of my car.
But of course this procedure is not possible while driving!
What can I do to use the hand free phone in my car by default?

Thanks a lot!

Hi cherklotz,
Could you provide some more detail about how you are using the phone with the car? Also confirm that you are running the stock Fairphone OS and that it is up to date.

  • Are you connecting over Bluetooth or USB?
  • If Bluetooth, what options were you given when pairing, and which option did you choose?
    If you can’t remember, just make the car and the phone “forget” each other and pair them again.
  • It might be useful to know the model of the car, always supposing the manufacturer has provided some documentation on their web site.

Hi Thanks for your questions,
I’m connected my FP4 with the car over USB.
The options are given when it pairs are: phone call, free contact, sms, audio.
The car is Skoda Octavia. The Bluetooth Version of the car is: C194 ,
App-connect: 3101.358.3.1
My FP4: Android 11, FP4.FP3R.A.099.20220112
I hope you can help me.
I have tested with another phone; Samsung A41 with Android 11. It works fine!

You should be able to implement Android Auto.

This app is included in stock Android 11 and should be available on your FP4. You may not see it in the app drawer but you should see it in Settings complete list of installed apps.

I searched around for “Skoda Octavia Android Auto” and came up with a number of results, like this for example.

Apart from that, over Bluetooth, if you want to privilege telephone functions, then choose “phone call” when pairing. I don’t own a car but I hire one occasionally. The last one I connected my phone over Bluetooth and was able to access contacts, take and make calls, read and send SMS etc. I didn’t use Android Auto because at that point I didn’t have it on the phone.

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Thanks, but I used Android Auto as a test. I Can’t make calls .

I tested my FP4 in another car (Renault capture) . There is the same problem like in my Skoda …
Is is so irritating …

As you have 2 topics about the same problem, one in EN and one im DE: in the DE topic you mentioned it sometimes work. Does it work when you use Android Car or when you dont use it or doesnt it mattter?

For completeness here as well

Else I would #contactsupport

No, Sorry it doesn’t work with Android Car.
In every time I have a Bluetooth connection to the car . It means, that the contacts are transmitted to the car. Also I can dial from the car.
But the talk then goes over the FP4 and not over the car speaker.

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