FP4: Google-free Android

That’s the way it went on the Fairphone 3, and LineageOS for the Fairphone 4 is already in the works without /e/, too, so one way or another it is very, very likely that LineageOS will be available.


I am totally pro google free Fairphones, but want to mention the following:

Please keep in mind that Fairphone can only provide support for devices running on Fairphone OS. This information is also stated in our warranty and is accessible to you in our legal section.

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In the past, we offered Fairphone Open for our devices. Fairphone Open is an OS without pre-installed Google services. Unfortunately, you will not be able to run Fairphone Open OS on your Fairphone 4. Yet. To keep updated on this subject, subscribe to our newsletter or check our official alternative software page regularly.

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This is true, but honestly, not a huge deal.

Most other manufacturers won’t let you run other ROMs and those that do often don’t let you switch back. Fairphone just insists that if something seems broken and you want to send it back in for repair you confirmed that it is also broken on Fairphone OS and not just on whatever custom ROM you want to use.

Given you can always switch back to Fairphone OS, it seems reasonable to me and is definitely miles ahead of all other smartphone manufacturers.


You are right. It’s much more. Just wanted to mention that :nerd_face:


As a Google-free Android is not available yet for the FP4, the following thread, which has some information on de-googling the pre-installed OS as much as possible, might be interesting: I want as little Google as possible on my Fairphone 4!


Does this mean that Android version updates wouldn’t be supported on /e/?
What about software updates for the camera?

Hello and welcome to the community. This was just mentioned as workaround until Custom ROMs like e/OS are available.

" If you are an advanced user, you will be happy to know that you can unlock the bootloader of your Fairphone 4 to install an alternative operating system such as /e/OS. (Until we publish the support page, you can have a look at the instructions for Fairphone 3)."

Naive Frage: Does this mean that you could install the eOS for FP3 on a FP4?

No, that’s only the instruction on how to unlock the bootloader, which works quite similar.


Thanks, I guessed so - so let’s wait until eOS becomes available.

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No custom ROMs available until now for FP4

As long as LOS is the basis of all CR, you have to have a look at LOS Download site to see if they have start their support.

Just my 2 cents

Would those of you with more experience recommend LineageOS with microG or /e/ OS for Fairphone 4 (given that both might be available in a few months)?

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I am using /e/ on my FP2 and it works very good. Especially with integrated Nextcloud adn Dav⁵. I used LineageOS just for couple of days. I prefer /e/.
I would say test both and see which is more suitable for you :slight_smile:


Or test both like @kristijan_tkalec suggests and test iodé additionally once it becomes available. They are taking a similar approach like /e/ (microG etc.) plus their (unfortunately not open sourced yet) blocker. What they don’t have is a complete ecosystem like /e/ with it’s online-storage. But they have a much nicer UI than /e/, in my opinion.
It works very well on my FP3 and if I would change to an FP4 (mostly due to the better camera), I would definitely wait for iodé. But of course that is only my personal view, others have different ones.


Thanks for the answer and welcome. I don’t really understand though. Are Android version updates automatic on /e/ like they are on the Fairphone OS?

There are regular system updates (including Android security patches) offered for automatic installation on /e/OS, too.
/e/OS Developers are currently working on offering major Android updates (like from Android 11 to 12) through the same way, too. Though up to now you had to use a manual installation to perform these major upgrades.


I prefer Los4mg or iode
I don’t like /e/OS

Is there already Iodé for FP4?

And what’s wrong with sOS that you don’t like it?

No, there is no alternative OS available yet for FP4

I don’t like the politic of e.foundatiion. The Reglementations, their own App Store without transparancy, the Bliss launcher, the pre-installed Apps, their own forks of all default Apps, their nextcloud implementation, etc…
Too much negatives…

I’m still waiting for Los4mg and iode