FP4 fingerprint sensor makes multiple attempts without lifting finger

Beg to differ. I like you, had abandoned the idea back with the FP3, until I learned how to get it to work. It used to work every time after that (still does). With the FP4 I guess I’m also “one of the lucky ones”, it works for me same as it does for KurtF.

What bothers me and (I think) KurtF, is that there’s no such thing as luck with these devices. If they’re behaving differently then there must be a reason.

I don’t think the difference is in the device, but the user. One has very dry hands, the other very wet or one deeper groves on the finger as the other and so on.

No, for this specific issue, no it has nothing to do with me or my fingers, as discussed multiple times already above. This topic is not about the fingerprint reader not recognizing my fingerprint but a fingerprint reader reading everything being skin 5-10 times within a second.

Apologies its a bit annoying to keep on getting such comments here over and over again, as this is not the topic.

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OldRoutard was answering to Martin_1964 who said, that no fingerprint sensor has ever worked for him. That was what I was referring to, not the frequent repetitions of the FP4 sensor.

then we should move all those off topic discussion probably to its own topic. Else I would kindly ask, we stick to the topic here.

Has anyone who has this issue, sent the FP4 for a Repair and if yes did it help? Thats the current conclusion from Fairphone for my ticket.

I also have this issue. I removed and readded fingerprints multiple times over the course of the last year and a half, probably between 10 and 15 times in total. A fingerprint sometimes “lasts” several weeks, sometimes only a day, after which rapid multiple scanning starts happening more often. This is with the “unlock only when awake” option (I have to press the Power button first). Often times I get locked out and have to resort to inputting PIN.

Gripping the phone lightly is correlated, however this is the first phone I own that works like that and it has been happening from the beginning.

Have you tried covering with a sliver of sellotape?


I have the same issue with the fingerprint sensor as described in many posts here, and it seems to have gotten worse over time - I have had my FP4 for about a year.

I always install the latest Android upgrades and keep phone and sensor clean. However, the sensor is really narrow, and with the protective soft case, it is enclosed by relatively high “walls”, so one must be extremely precise and exercise just the correct amount of pressure to even have a small chance to be successful.

Is this a hardware (sensor too narrow) or a software issue, as stated by some here? If the latter, will it be corrected, and when?

Do you have multiple ‘takes’ of one finger as that can help. Six or even ten given a far better chance of recognition.

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This topic IS NOT about the fingerprint sensor NOT RECOGNIZING the fingerprint stored!

And yes, Capital Letters=I’m screaming

@AnkeB so what is your issue exactly, it might be we have to open a new topic in case you have issues with recognition. This topic here is about multiple attempts of whatever skin you place on the sensor and adding several fingerprints will not at all help you.

My last response from Support is this, that its Hardware.

@yvmuell Yes I see it’s a different issue that I responded too, and understand you may want to make a new topic. So if you don’t then I will leave my response else of course delete my reply if it just encourages the off topic issue.

Not shouting ~ :cry:

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Well, yes, it scans my finger multiple times and then locks the biometric recognition for cool down, as described multiple times. So I don’t see that it’s a different issue. But if it is, I’m fine with it, as long as someone from support takes care of it.

Will try this. Thanks a lot.

Within a second without giving you the chance to even lift the finger? Then yes its this problem, else its a different one and I will move the posts to e new one, just confirm
And one comment: the forum is no official way to contact Fairphone support you have to contact them via E-Mail or contact form on the homepage

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Yes, without a chance to lift the finger, exactly as described several times in the other posts in this topic.

For now, the suggestion by @anon9989719 is helpful, I configured 3 versions of the same finger, and now it works better. Some people mentioned that newly added fingerprints work fine until they “grow older”. If this happens in my case, I’ll think of contacting support. However, as this topic is about a year old, I presume someone must have done so before.

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I would be happy for you if I would be wrong and I’m sure the issue will not go away by adding the same finger multiple times, as this has no influence on the (over)sensitivity of the sensor.

Even if someone did contact support before, it was done for themself only, i.e. this would not help you with a potential warranty case of your phone

Again, the issue isn’t that the finger isn’t recognized (at least in my case it works perfectly fine), but that every part of the finger / hand is detected as a finger to scan, which triggers “too many attempts” :roll_eyes:

The threshold for what gets detected as scanable is too low and the time between repeated attempts needs to be higher.

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The sensor takes any capacitive contact as an attempt. If I hold my FP4 in my right hand, the skin between thumb and index finger triggers the sensor and I can feel it vibrating with each attempt perhaps 4-5 times a second.

My opinion is the frequency for checking prints on the sensor is too high and hits the limit in only a handful of seconds. That means having to enter my PIN which isn’t onerous if it was only on occasion but it happens more often than I prefer. If the frequency was slowed down to 2 times a second then it would be less likely to hit the limit in a short time.

Surely the thread shows that there are a lot more than a small group of people who see this sensor behaviour as a problem.


I know the problem and experienced it a year ago as well until a software update fixed it for me. I’m trying to figure out the common denominator here. As I also proposed previously to enroll other people on the affected Fairphones as well. Just to figure out if its a problem with the hard or software, or maybe it’s a biological issue, meaning the fingerprint pattern or maybe how oily the fingers are (which of course can still be fixed by FP, unless it’s a hardware issue).

Maybe try the suggestions? I’m also okay to forget about this issue, since for me it works fine. Just trying to help.

Edit: okay I’m out, it happens more often that my well intended posts are removed by a mod, my suggestion just got removed. Nvm then.