FP4 can not be charged in car

When I charge FP4 in my car it’s telling me’slow loading’ nut it doesn’ t load at all. What can I do here? This with the cable of FP. Tried alsof another cable…same result.
NL: wanneer ik mijn FP4 wil opladen in de auto krijg ik de vermelding traag opladen. Maar zelfs een uur later is er niet 1% bijgeladen. Hoe komt dit? Moet ik iets aanpassen in instellingen?

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Which car is it, which charger? Is it QC3 compatible?


it is a Nissan Leaf 2016

Yes it is compatible…i think.

Are you using a charger plugged into a cigarette lighter socket, or a cable plugged into a USB port in the car dashboard somewhere?

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Charging in my golf 7 is also slow. I bought a cheap QC3 charger that works great.

That would always be the preferred way for my part


it is a Nissan Leaf 2016
Yes it is compatible…i think.

This is the relevant question here!
If it is the USB port in the dashboard that is only meant for connecting USB storage media (to play music), then this will certainly not be fast. Best case you can expect 500mA at 5V = 2.5W which is basically very slow charging by today’s standards.
If you have a charger is the 12V cigarette lighter socket, then it totally depends on that component (and the cable used). In my Leaf I use a dual-port charger that can supply my FP4 with 2A at 5V = 10W. This is clearly recognized as fast charging and would manage to charge my phone in 2-3 hours.


Thanks for the answers.
It works now.

That is good to know.
Can you tell us what your solution was for future reference?


a simple charger in the 12V cigarette lighter socket

Not yet very fast yet but it works.

You can buy QC3 chargers for a car type 12v supply


I bought one of these ages ago and it works fine charging my Fairphone 4 from a vehicle 12V cigarette lighter socket. And it has two USB ports on it!

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Thanks for the answers.
I will buy one of these.


Those items are quite old March :slight_smile:

I have now bought a LinkOn which has two QC3 ports and a PD|PPS port that can provide 60W

This charger will convert 12v to 24V supplies to any of the following

USB A (QC3) 3.6-6V/3A, 6.2-9V/2A, 9.2-12V/1.5A
Using either, but only one of the USB A sockets to max of 18W
USB A (SCP) 3.4-4.5V/5A
Using either, but only one of the USB A sockets to max of 22.5W
USB A 5V/2.4A Using both to max of 2 x 12W
USB C (PD3) 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 20V/3A Max 60W
USB C (PPS) 3.3V-11V/4.05A or 3.3V-16V/2.8A Max 45W

The advantages are that it can power most ‘thin’ laptops etc. and when powering just phones is more resilient. I bought a BaseUs version of 60W and it got so hot the plastic deformed enough that the spring contact got stuck :slight_smile:

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