FP4 Callers can't hear me sometimes

Hey everyone,

I’ve got my phone for quite some time now and have to say I’m beginning to get very unhappy with the thing, really really regretting not having bought a Pixel 6 tbh.

Sometimes or more like most of the times, when I’m having a call (full signal) my call partners don’t hear me anymore at all, while I can still hear them crystal clear.

I did the self diagnosis tool already and noticed that shortly after buying the phone all three microphones worked in that tool. Now, one or two system updates later two of them don’t work anymore in the diagnostics tool.

I’m not too sure what the issue seems to be.

I’m going to bed now, so I won’t answer for a few hours.

Stay safe everyone.

Looks like my Google permissions bug strikes again if you search the system settings for permissions and then go through select microphone and then disable Google fom being able to access the microphones all the time it should fix the issue

Good luck


But does this actually solve the problem? I can confirm that doing so fixes the diagnostic tests. But even when the Google app has access to microphones (and the tests fail), all apps seem to be able to access the mics just fine. For example stereo recordings use bottom and top mics for left and right channels.

For me it did callers stopped complaining I sounded distant or under water and speakerphone worked better as soon as I denied permissions to Google


For what it’s worth, the same kind of issues are reported about the Pixel 6. But then early disconnects of a call at random moments.

Hey there.
You mean like telling Google to only be able to use the microphone when in use or to ask every single time?
Because if you’re talking about the first option: Sadly that was my default.

Edit: Ok, at least in the diagnostics tool that definitely made a difference. I’ll keep you updated if it really solved the problem putting Google on “ask everytime”.

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This is how I have mine setup currently, there is clearly something going on but I’m not tech savvy enough to work it out it was purely by chance that I realised this seemed to fix my issue


Here I am again, I promised some feedback and here it is.

The self diagnosis tool says everything’s fine now, but my problem is still ongoing.
After around 15 minutes of calling suddenly any other person I’m calling can’t hear me anymore, while I still can hear them crystal clear.

Which provider do you have? Did you already #contactsupport?

maybe unhelpful, but I remember some people suggesting on the forum that they accidentally covered the side-mic with their fingers during calls. Could that be an issue?


Hey there. I’m with the Deutsche Telekom and had no terrible whatsoever using my old phone, which died due to old age though.
I wouldn’t even know what to ask their support honestly. As I said, incoming sounds are perfectly clear, outgoing seems … Dead?

@StK Totally valid question, but with three microphones I can’t cover all of them and should at least be heard muted and such. I’ve been told though, that I’m not hearable anymore at all after like 15 minutes.
But I’m additionally quite sure that I’m not covering the microphone.

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Might be worthwhile booting into safe mode and seeing whether this is still an issue, that should narrow it down a bit


I tried that after reading your comment and sadly that didn’t help - much. Instead of after 15 minutes it seemed more like after 20-25 minutes, but still the error happened again.

Good: No app I installed seemed to be the troublemaker.
Bad: No app I installed seemed to be the troublemaker.

What’s interesting here is that after I’ve put the call on hold for 1 second and resumed the call, it worked fine again.


Sadly that didn’t help at all. Error still applies even in safe mode. So it’s nothing I installed that’s at fault here.

Just to confirm, you haven’t tried a factory reset yet, which is something official support would ask before it is returned for inspection ?

In general there seem to be 2 fixes. Either your SIM card is too old (more than 2 years) which causes stability issues. Or your provider has VoLTE issues and thus connections are unreliable. First thing you could try is disable VoLTE and confirm with FP/your provider if this should work as expected. And otherwise request a SIM replacement.

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